Holiday Ops 2021: 3D Styles in Detail


As Holiday Ops 2021 continues into the new year, don't forget the opportunity to get unique 3D Styles from Large Boxes for five (5) Tier X vehicles: four (4) tanks and one (1) SPG. Scroll down to find out more about the new 3D Styles!

Note: These styles do not add to offensive or defensive capabilities and are strictly cosmetic.

Take a closer look at all the styles—click on each of the following vehicle tabs for complete information: 

  • Conqueror Gun Carriage
  • Maus
  • 60TP Lewandowskiego
  • STB-1
  • WZ-111 model 5A

"Little Bart" 3D Style

Decorating a Christmas tree for the New Year is a tradition, but dressing up the Conqueror Gun Carriage for every battle is a necessity. First, apply camouflage paint, put on a camouflage net, and then decorate everything with spruce-tree limbs.

The "Little Bart" 3D Style features an anti-aircraft gun mounted on the turret roof, smoke grenade launchers, and more details.

Interactive image. Move your mouse over the image to display detailed information.

Installed at the firing position to mark the gun locations approximately 20–40 m apart from each other.
Additional fuel for the ACS.
Smoke Grenade Launchers:
One set of five grenade launchers for setting a smoke screen is mounted on each side of the tower.
Headlight Unit:
Borrowed from the British AS-90 self-propelled howitzer.
Helps hide vehicles from enemy reconnaissance and is resistant to adverse weather conditions.
Seals the armored manned compartment and supply of purified air to the Crew. Creates an overpressure that prevents radioactive dust penetration.
Rearview Mirror:
Makes life much easier for the Driver when a rear view camera is not included.
Cable Reels:
A stable telephone connection is essential to operate an artillery battery.
Used for storing equipment and supplies.
Bren Machine Gun:
One of the best light machine guns of World War II, the Bren is a modified 1930s Czechoslovak ZB-26. It’s reliable, has good accuracy, and relatively soft recoil.
20 mm Anti-aircraft Gun:
The cannon from Swiss company Oerlikon was used for small-caliber ship and army air defense systems during World War II.

"Landkreuzer" 3D Style

With its gigantic dimensions, the Maus is more like a small self-propelled, mobile fortress. As any fortress must be well protected and impregnable, the 3D Style "Landkreuzer" has plenty of helpful "extras." It gives the Maus a powerful air defense, a pair of flamethrowers (weapon that can terrify even the most stubborn infantry), and more.

Interactive image. Move your mouse over the image to  display detailed information.

Night-vision Devices:
FG 1250 infrared equipment provides visibility up to 400 meters when driving at night. The rechargeable battery provides up to four (4) hours of power.
3 cm Flakvierling 103/38:
The ZSU battery was created by superimposing a 3 cm MK 103 aircraft cannon on the carriage of a 20 mm automatic Flak 38 anti-aircraft gun. The rate of fire of high-explosive fragmentation projectiles is 280 rounds / minute; armor-piercing was 420 rounds / minute.
Base for Jack:
It takes titanic efforts to lift a 200-ton tank for repairs.
The Crew can perform undercarriage repairs, such as replace suspension bogies, in the field.
Self-propelled mine "Goliath:" Has a 1.5 km range and can transport explosives weighing up to 100 kg. Useful if you needed to destroy a building or "create" a path through a barricade. Controlled by cable using the remote control.
Hermann Köbe Feuerwehrgerätefabrik flamethrower designed for the Maus. Both flamethrowers are remotely controlled by the operator. The flamethrowing range is 100 meters using 33 liters of fire mixture per second. Flamethrower models were ready by 1943.
Three-core cable for the Goliath self-propelled mine. The coil is divided into three (3) compartments and is located in the aft hull.
It's rather difficult to get into the Maus: It's approximately 2 meters from the ground to the top of the hull; the top of the hull to the top of the turret is 1.35 meters. The ladder is featured in tank test archive photos.

"40:1" 3D Style

If the 60TP Lewandowskiego was manufactured, how would it be improved? The hull would have gone through more than one modernization, as was the case with its classmate IS-3. The "40:1" 3D Style shows "what if" 60TP equipment. 

Interactive image. Move your mouse over the image to display detailed information.

Frontal Mesh Screen ZET-1:
According to the instructions, the use of such a screen was provided only in the "threatened period, immediately before the start of hostilities."
Smoke Mortars:
Smoke grenade launch system that quickly hides the tank from enemy detection equipment, allowing it to safely change position.
Infrared Tank Headlight:
It was intended for active IR illumination of the tank driver's night-vision device.
Self-pulling Log:
The log is installed perpendicular to the longitudinal axis: When the tracks move, the log catches on the ground, and the tank moves relative to the ground.
Large-caliber machine gun with a 2 km range that can strike lightly armored ground and air targets.
Cartridge belts for the KPVT heavy machine gun.
A 200-liter fuel tank.
OPVT Pipe:
Equipment for underwater driving to overcome water obstacles along the bottom.
The ZU-23-2 uses very successful and compact manual vertical and horizontal guidance drives that allow the Crew to transfer barrels to the opposite side in just 3 seconds.
Machine Gun Box:
Contains 14.5 mm cartridges for KPVT.
Chainsaw "Friendship:"
The legendary Soviet chainsaw awarded the Gold Medal in 1958 in Brussels at the International Exhibition of Industrial and Household Equipment.
Experimental Anti-cumulative Screens:
Sectional side screens made of the aluminum alloy, duralumin. The developers had to ensure only one screen section was destroyed when hit by an 85 mm projectile, and two sections when hit by a 100-115 mm shell.

"Winter Lotus" 3D Style

The STB-1 is the first prototype of the Type 74. It was built from metal and even managed to take part in a military parade. The "Winter Lotus" 3D Style most closely matches the historical world and largely repeats the modernization of the Type 74.

Interactive image. Move your mouse over the image to display detailed information.

Thermal Barrel Casing:
A thin-walled shell attached to the outer surface of the barrel that reduces the effect of uneven heating and cooling on the tank cannon during battle.
Xenon Spotlight:
Allows targeted night shooting. Using the control panel located near their seats, the Commander or Gunner can activate the searchlight lamp and choose the filter and angle of dispersion.
Tank headlights are protected by special armored boxes with steel grilles that shield them from shell fragments and other shrapnel.
Type 64:
The Type 64 automatic rifle uses a modified 7.62 × 51 mm cartridge with a reduced powder charge. It's an accurate, but heavy and difficult weapon to manufacture and maintain.
Trench Tool:
A crowbar, a shovel, a sledgehammer, and other tools that are important for tankers; they are used to maintain the caterpillar, dig trenches, and more.
Browning M2:
The heavy machine gun entered service in 1932. The design was extremely successful, as the weapon is still used by ground forces, the air force, and navy.
Anti-aircraft Sight:
Designed for aiming a machine gun when firing at air targets flying at speeds up to 550 km / h.
Combined (day-night) periscope sight with 8× magnification.
Smoke Grenade Launchers:
Designed to launch 60 mm smoke grenades to create a dense curtain that completely hides the tank.
Howa Type 96:
Automatic 40 mm grenade launcher that uses a 50-round belt; the maximum firing range is 1.5 km.
Anti-cumulative Screen:
Made of fabric-reinforced rubber, it is designed to reduce the destructive effect of an antitank round's cumulative jet.

"The Last Dragon" 3D Style for the WZ-111 model 5A

"The Last Dragon" 3D style makes the WZ-111 model 5A the most beautiful tank in the Chinese branch. The vehicle acquires a jade hue, adorned with a dragon.

In ancient China, the dragon was a symbol of imperial power, and jade was valued above gold or silver. The great philosopher Confucius said about a good man, "His morality is as pure as jade."

Interactive image. Move your mouse over the image to display detailed information.

Heavy Flamethrower:
Heavy high-explosive infantry flamethrowers copied from the Soviet TPO-50M; it can spit its fire mixture a maximum 180 m.
Laser Rangefinder:
Can detect stationary and moving objects, estimate the distance to them, and thus increase the effectiveness of the weapon—cannon or machine gun—paired with it.
Smoke Mortars:
Unified smoke-grenade launch system that quickly hide the tank from enemy detection equipment, allowing it to safely change position.
Spare Parts:
A set of spare parts, tools, and the Crew's property. In addition to convenience and keeping things always at hand, the basket serves as additional screen armor.
On-board Rubber-fabric Screens:
Unlike aluminum or steel screens, rubber-fabric ones do not make the tank much wider (very useful in a confined space or when transporting the vehicle) but offer the same degree of protection.
Additional 200-liter fuel drums.
Twin Machine Gun Mount:
The QJC-88 is a twin-tank version of the Chinese W85 heavy machine gun (based on the Soviet DShK); the quick-change, air-cooled barrels allow for automatic mode fire.
Self-pulling Log:
A log (approximately 4.0 m x 30 cm) that is attached perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the tank to the lower tracks in the direction of subsequent movement.
Tarpaulin and Shell Box:
Often carried dry rations and various Crew necessities.
Underwater Tank-driving Equipment:
No bridge or ford? No problem: Force a route along the bottom of a water body.
Replaceable Machine Gun Barrel Covers:
Replacing the barrel of an air-cooled machine gun is common.
Helmets M1:
China’s helmet quality during World War II remained traditionally low, so trophy ones were very popular. The supply of U.S. M1 helmets solved the problem by the end of the war.
Protects from adverse weather conditions and disguises military equipment.
With the advent of cumulative antitank shells, tankers worldwide got into the habit of strengthening armor with materials at hand.

Where Can I Find These Styles? Large Boxes!

You can find all these 3D Styles in the Large Boxes stuffed with loads of valuable in-game items!

Each Box contains 250 Gold, one (1) Level V Decoration, and one (1) random-level decoration of a specific collection, plus a surprise festive treat, which could be anything from Gold to Credits to WoT Premium Account.

If you're on a lucky streak, you may also unlock a Tier III–VI vehicle, including the brand-new M4A1 FL 10, or one of four formidable Tier VIII Premium tanks, including two brand-new vehicles, the Bisonte C45 and GSOR 1008

Large Boxes are for sale in various bundle configurations (see below); the more Large Boxes a bundle contains, the greater your discount.

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