Happy Fourth of July!

We congratulate all our Amercian tankers on the greatest holiday of Independence Day! Happy Fourth of July, everyone! We hope you were all enjoying the weekend with family and friends, and hopefully some great BBQ too. In the hopes that you’ll use some of your free time to play World of Tanks, we've put together some special offers that should ensure that your holiday is a success.

In commemoration of this significant date in the United States of America, Kursk Operation special is run till server restart at 11:00 UTC on July 5th!

Starting July 1 and till July 4 inclusively:

  • Experience for the first victory of the day increased by 5 times;
  • 7-day premium account at the price of 3-day premium account.

Starting July 1 and till July 8, you can buy consumables at half-price: Chocolate, Coca-cola, Large first-aid kit, and etc.

You can read more about our special offers here!

Enjoy the holiday as the Founding Fathers would have wanted and Happy Fourth of July!

See you on the battlefields!