[UPDATE] Happy Holidays From Wargaming!

World of Tanks Holiday Gift

Update - January 5, 2011


The final countdown to New Year has begun – the time to unwrap the presents has almost arrived! The unique premium light tank Mk VII Tetrarch will soon be ready to be delivered into your garage.

If you wish to accept this Wargaming present, you need to login on the portal and on your Account Management page enter Bonus Code:


  • The code may only be activated once per account (one account – one code activation
  • The code is valid untill 23:59 PST, February 3 (7:59 UTC, February 4).
More detailed information on how to activate a Bonus Code may be found here.

Happy New Tank Year!

The holiday special is only part of our celebration to close out 2011 and ring in the new year. We also have a special gift planned for all tank commanders that will be introduced along with version 7.1.

Once the update is available, all players can get a special gift – a new, unique premium tank. The lend-lease version of the Light Mk VII, Tetrarch including a free garage slot to ensure it doesn’t take up valuable real estate.

Stay tuned for more information about this gift tank and be sure to try the World of Tanks Holiday Special.

We hope your holiday celebrations have gone well thus far, and look forward to sharing an incredible 2012 with you.

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