Hammer Time Lands Sponsors - Logitech and Evolve

Hammer Time

Hot off an impressive performance in the WGLNA Season 3 finals, Hammer Time is an elite World of Tanks team with a big future. Rising to fame after a dramatic second place finish in our Nvidia Tournament, Hammer Time consistently demonstrates controlled, masterful gameplay and team mechanics. It's no surprise that this team was able to push around a lot of its competition, even taking Fnatic to a heart-stopping game 7 in Season 3.

As Hammer Time continues its climb to prominence, some big names in the gaming world have taken notice. Logitech, makers of exceptional PC peripherals, is proud to announce it has joined forces with Hammer Time! Logitech has been involved with the eSports community since its inception and will be providing the team with much needed Logitech G hardware on their road to victory.

Logitech isn't the only organization who's taken notice of the team. Indeed, Hammer Time has also picked up EVOLVE as a sponsor! Evolve ensures gamers come together to get even more out of their gaming experience.

What Sponsorship Brings to eSports

Gaming sponsors are actively looking for the next best teams. Sponsorship symbolizes a graduation from amateur to professional eSports teams, reaching a level of success where competitive gaming is a livelihood. With sponsorship, the groundwork is laid for other amateur teams to follow.

As teams drive for a sponsorship that comes with success, more teams will be encouraged to join the competitive scene and lift World of Tanks to new and exciting competitive heights. The Wargaming League already sees fully sponsored teams in other regions. But the list of NA sponsored teams is just beginning to grow. The sky is the limit for every player out there and dreams of professional gaming are at the doorstep of World of Tanks players on the NA server!


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