Mirny: Lost Hope—Time to Learn the Truth!

Mirny: Lost Hope begins!

October 17 at 13:00 UTC

Briefing Missive

Class: Top Secret
Location: Command HQ
Report to: Colonel Simić, Military Ops Head for Mirny-13


The situation in Mirny-13 is dire.

The planned withdrawal of military personnel and equipment from Mirny was performed on schedule, leaving only the science team in the area. Five days later, our scouts registered an energy spike in the ruins of the city: someone or something activated Magnus, spawning a new interdimensional rift. Within minutes, there was a sharp increase in hostile activity in the area, with multiple sightings of new types of anomalies and Mirium-infused armored vehicles. Mirium itself became more agitated, producing rapidly growing crystalline structures. This could be related to personnel in the field reporting severe levels of psychological stress—which they attributed to perceived mental pressure from an external source.

The Command needed not only observations, but also an explanation for what was happening. We believed we could get some from Hope, the head of the science team. Ever since this whole mess started, we tried to establish radio comms with her, but failed. We couldn’t immediately locate her in Mirny, either. Then came new reports—of a young woman walking among enemy tanks unharmed. The machines were obviously aware of her presence, as they reacted to her and modified their behavior after she approached them. The descriptions and photos of the woman matched those of Hope.


The former head of the Mirny-13 Situation Research Center science team. The best expert on Mirium, its practical applications, and the influence of the substance on living beings and mechanisms. Access to Hope’s personal file is still restricted, but it is known that she worked with Professor Merkulov for some time.

Went missing in Mirny-13 shortly after Magnus was activated and the anomaly became active again. There is enough evidence to suggest that she is colluding with the enemy. Whether she has gone rogue or fell under the control of Mirium, still remains unclear.

Martin Novak

Captain Novak was one of many tankers sent to the Mirny-13 area after the anomaly first appeared. He was among the few survivors and became the only one deemed fit for service after rehabilitation.

A bold and uncompromising fighter, Martin is a talented commander able to adapt to unfavorable conditions, and his loyalty to the cause sometimes borders on fanaticism. His combat experience and personal qualities made him the obvious choice to lead the team tasked with apprehending Hope.


Founded in the 1940s as an oilers’ settlement in remote dry steppes. In 1951, Mirium (named after the town) was discovered in oil, and the entire surrounding area (3,650 km²) was declared an exclusion zone. After the research institute had been established, the population of Mirny-13 grew with scientists, military personnel, and their families. In 1954, Magnus was built, initially serving as a Mirium refinery and storage facility.

In 1963, a nuclear test at the nearby Arzagir polygon caused Mirium to produce previously unreported phenomena. Mirny-13's population of 10,000 was fully evacuated hours before a full-scale catastrophe.


An anomalous substance discovered in 1951. It has a range of properties which defy multiple laws of physics. Some of these properties are exhibited after Mirium is subjected to electromagnetic radiation. Among them are emissions of unknown nature that create a strong feeling of psychic oppression within humans.

Despite our limited understanding of Mirium, multiple applications for it have been found: it is used as an energy source for Magnus and as an alloy hardener. Much about the substance remains unexplained. That includes its ability to replicate complex mechanisms, and to move and coalesce into larger pools as if being drawn to itself.


Developed by a group of researchers led by Professor Merkulov and built in 1954, this device has multiple functions. It is able to refine and safely store large amounts of Mirium, and also serves as matter/energy converter/projector. Inside the anomaly, Magnus is used to shift the team between the dimensional layers called Phases.

Highly advanced science used in the device caused some tankers to ascribe supernatural properties to it. The Command is weeding out these newly-formed superstitions with lectures and pamphlets.

The Catastrophe

On October 4, 1963, a low-yield civil engineering nuclear test was conducted at the Arzagir polygon (21 km away from Mirny-13). In the following days, Mirium inside Magnus became agitated, and the population started to experience psychological disturbance. Mirium seeping from the ground and growing radiation levels prompted the full evacuation of Mirny-13 on October 10.

Over the next few days, scouts were sent to the area in specially equipped tanks. They reported a range of strange phenomena, including a large dimensional rift and various hostile armored vehicles appearing out of it.

The Invincible

During the first sortie into the dimensional rift, tank crews soon reported multiple enemy encounters. Among the opposition, there were vehicles that resembled ours, but also those that deviated from human engineering standards. “Nightmarish” was the word most often used by the survivors to describe them.

The Immortal has long been the apex of these grotesque machines. This giant tank with twin guns and an aura of deadly radiation was invulnerable to anything we could field. The science team eventually found a way to deal with it by luring it into the deepest layer of the anomaly. But the Immortal isn't tankers' worst nightmare anymore...


Having realized that our best Mirium expert had committed an act of treason, the Command dispatched a special team to arrest Hope. This detachment was led by Captain Martin Novak, a Mirny-13 veteran. Novak’s squad was last seen entering the rift. Communication with them was lost shortly after and hasn’t been re-established as of now.

The special circumstances we’re in require that we deploy our elite units—including your team. You must locate Novak’s squad and assist them in their mission—or take the mission over if the first objective isn’t met. We can assume that you will encounter new threats in the multiple layers of the anomalous area.


These black spherical self-propelled objects are equipped with spikes that make them look like naval mines. Hedgehogs can attack in groups or solo, and explode on impact with an enemy. This is their only means of inflicting harm. They move at high speed and change direction easily.

Once detected, Hedgehogs should become top priority targets for the team. Their lack of armor makes them extremely vulnerable.

Alpha Hedgehog

These large spherical self-propelled objects are similar to ordinary Hedgehogs in their characteristics and behavior, but they cause increased damage. Once destroyed, they shatter into several Hedgehogs.

When an Alpha Hedgehog is detected, the entire squad is strongly advised to focus on destroying it.


These highly maneuverable light combat vehicles do not engage in combat and retreat if possible, instead performing the function of scouts. They leave a fire trail as they move⁠—⁠probably due to fuel or lubrication system defects.

When destroyed, Rabbits tend to drop large amounts of Mirium.


These medium and heavy tanks attack in groups—and the more numerous they are, the more aggressively they act. They use somewhat primitive tactics and are therefore predictable in battle.

Guards pose a substantial threat when they act under the leadership of a command vehicle.


These large, well-armored vehicles possess high firepower. Their behavior is aggressive, but not reckless: they will try not to expose their few vulnerable parts.

The team is advised to avoid attacking these adversaries head-on.


This extremely dangerous enemy combat vehicle stands out due to its size and amazing survivability. It is well-protected and has only a few vulnerable spots.

Being extremely persistent, Hunters pursue their target until it is destroyed. There have been reports of them acting in groups of three.


This light, maneuverable wheeled vehicle is somehow able to spawn destruction zones on the ground that deal high damage to player vehicles within them.

On spotting a Trapper, the team must immediately set it as their prime target and try to eliminate it as quickly as possible.


Exposure to Mirium caused these expedition tanks to switch sides. They are lightly armored but have considerable firepower and good mobility.

The Lost are medium-to-high priority targets. There have been reports of them acting in packs of three.


The Corrupted are dark counterparts of tanks on the team. As they have only recently succumbed to the influence of Mirium, they exhibit complex behavior in battle. Most importantly, they still can benefit from anomalies.

The Corrupted are extremely dangerous opponents. Good team coordination is required to deal with them.

The Immortal

This mechanical horror will chase tankers inside the anomaly and is indestructible most of the time. Now we know that it becomes vulnerable when cornered on the deepest layer of the anomaly. But that doesn‘t make this Mirium-soaked steel beast any less dangerous, or its HESH shells less devastating.

Corrupted M103

In this distorted, bloated machine, one can still recognize the Goliath—the modified version of the M103 used during the first expedition into the Mirny-13 area. Even heavy operators should not rely on their tanks’ armor when they face this monster spewing out salvos of AP rounds.


Mirny-13 veterans say that when you enter the anomaly, you share your worst nightmares with it—and that sometimes Mirium will embody these nightmares in metal. This opponent proves that such stories are not delusions.

Keep your eyes peeled and remain level-headed no matter what. Good luck out there, Commander. You and your squad will need it.

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