The Badger is coming, and you can get it free!

With the release of Update 9.21 in December, the British FV215b (183), also known as the “Death Star,” will be retired from duty… but we’ve got several Credit-collecting events to help you add this tier X tank destroyer to your Garage before it’s too late.

Until the end of November, take advantage of the following:

If you have the FV215b (183) researched and purchased when Update 9.21 drops, you keep it and get its replacement, the FV217 Badger absolutely free! The FV215b (183) will be a collector’s item, unavailable by any means (take that, Type 59 owners)!

After Update 9.21, you can earn the Badger by working up the tech tree, but this is an opportunity to get two tank destroyers with one shell (so to speak).

Good luck!