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Golden Joystick Contest #1 [Voting ended]

[Voting ended!] Voting has ended! Winners were selected by you! Soon they willbe announced in this article. Stay tuned and follow the news!

[Original Post]

Tankers!  Get out there and

Vote for World of Tanks

[UPDATED] Just a quick reminder that our first Golden Joystick contest soon will be finished! We're getting a lot of really great signatures being posted on the thread.  It's really going to be tough to select a winner, but someone needs all that gold... And if you wish to enter the fight for prizes, you need to hurry

And NA is not the only server, which has!  These are just some incredible examples from other servers:

We are proud to present to you the first event from our Golden Joystick Contest Marathon!

We’ve rolled out and been nominated for this honorable prize. But the competition is strong and we would like to gain as much support from our players as possible to promote our battle for victory. To help spread the news within our community, we have released a Signature Creation Contest!

To take part, all you need to do is to create a banner image (468x100 pixels in size.) that advertises our battle for the award, upload it to a webhost (a site like Photobucket, Imageshack or Tinypic), and then post in the special thread with your image displayed (by putting the image link within [img] [/img] tags).

The main slogan ‘Roll out for the Golden Joystick’ should be present on the signatures.The contest will be divided into two divisions – for ‘animated’ and ‘static’ signatures.


  • Signatures  may be hand drawn or computer rendered
  • Please keep the signatures classy! No vulgarities or pornographic tendencies allowed
  • The contest will last until September 16th, 11:59 PM PDT to submit your drawing. Curious what time this is in your region? Use this handy Time Zone Converter to help you out
  • Each attachment needs to be 2 MB or less in a common picture format (.jpg, png, bmp, etc.) 
  • All signatures should be 468x100 pixels in size

Have you voted for World of Tanks yet? If not we would appreciate your support!

Vote for World of Tanks


Prizes for an animated signature:

  • 1st:  10,000
  • 2nd:  9,000
  • 3rd: : 8,000
  • 4th: : 7,000
  • 5th: : 6,000

Prizes for a static signature: 

  • 1st:  6,000
  • 2nd:  5,000
  • 3rd: : 4,000
  • 4th: : 3,500
  • 5th: : 2,000
Good luck!