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Golden Joystick Contest #2 [UPDATE]


UPDATE! Though forums are down for maintenance, the contest is still going! Do not miss your chance to win some gold and cheer all tankers in our Assault on Golden Joystick!

By the way, have not you voted yet? You can do it now! Just click on the button and follow simple and short steps.

Vote for World of Tanks

The first contest has entered the voting stage, so we're starting our second contest --create your own Cheer Video!

To take part in it you will need to make up a slogan or chant in support of World of Tanks for the Golden Joystick Awards.  Try to keep it as catchy and easy to remember as possible. Afterwards, gather with friends, record a video showing off your dynamic support, and win some prizes! It can be shot on anything: mobile phone, camera, laptop, webcam; be creative! The more people in the video the better.

You could also splice in or use footage from the game to make your cheer video

The contest will be divided in two stages:

1st stage (17 September – 1 October) – record a video and submit it on the forum. Please make sure that the video does not violate our forum rules. We will pick the most interesting and memorable videos.

2nd stage (2 October – 4 October) – We'll open up the voting to the players to determine the best of the best!

Important conditions for submittal:

  • Any player or team can participate in this competition.
  • If a video was created by a group of players, it must be mentioned in the forum post. Make sure that all the nicknames are written correctly.
  • Duration – 30 sec or less
  • The video must be uploaded on YouTube with a good quality (360+) and also placed in our special forum thread. Also, add tags to the video: «Cheer video WоT!!! », “Supporting WOT”, WOT and Golden Joystick”
  • The video should not violate moral, ethic, and legal or the forum or game rules.  Keep it classy folks
  • The video should be created specifically for this contest
  • The video should end with the author's nickname (hold up a sign or some such, don't just add it with a video editor)
  • The forum post should include any additional names of players involved with the production of the video. All these persons should be credited in one frame of the video (don't spread out the names).
  • The person making the submission is consedered to be an author of the video. The author decided how he will divide the reward, if the video included teamwork. Prizes will be added to the author's account directly, no clan treasury invoices are possible.

Have you voted for World of Tanks yet? If not we would appreciate your support!

Vote for World of Tanks


The most impressive slogan or chant video (massive video - number of people in video, most epic phrasing, etc...):

1st place - 15 000
2nd place - 13 000
3rd place - 10 000

The most original / funny slogans / chant:

1st place - 10 000
2nd place - 9 000
3rd place - 8 000