Golden Joystick 2017 Voting is Open

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World of Tanks has been going strong for over seven years and it’s because of all of you that we’ve come this far. Over that time, the game has picked up two prestigious Golden Joystick awards, and this we’ve been nominated once again in the Still Playing category.

A lot has changed since the game claimed its second Golden Joystick in 2013. In the last three years, you helped us tune World of Tanks and make it better. From the matchmaker to vehicle balance and other monumental improvements, to interfaces and to all the new modes we’ve introduced and are currently working on, these changes were all driven by the player community at large. You’ve told us when we’ve been in the wrong and when we do something that works, contributing your time, patience, and enthusiasm to take the experience up a notch. For that, we thank you – World of Tanks is for you, and we all hope you enjoy it, and lose yourself a little in this world we all love so much.

Speaking of the Golden Joystick nomination, it’s your achievement just as much as it is ours. We truly couldn't have scored it if it weren’t for you! Let’s join forces once again to go from nomination to award. Let’s show the world how millions of tankers roll out together and march towards victory. And when we succeed, we’ll celebrate together hosting a special event with XP Boosts.

How Do I Vote?

Voting for World of Tanks in the Still Playing category is really easy:

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Step 2

Vote for World of Tanks.

Step 3

Find the last page and register—you require a registration to be eligible to vote.

Step 4

Enter your e-mail, name, birth date, and choose your country.

Step 5

Tick the first box to say that you have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy*.

Step 6

Skip the other three boxes if you do not wish to receive advertising mail.

Step 7


Step 8

Your vote is accepted and you’re all done!

World of Tanks has already snagged 2 Golden Joysticks — it’d be awesome to have a third!

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