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Journalists from fansite recently paid a visit to the offices in Minsk, Belarus, to participate in a number of events.

The team at have put together multiple YouTube videos depicting the office life at, as well as an exclusive interview with World of Tanks' game producer, Sergei Burkatovsky.

The interview goes into great detail on future plans for the game, including new vehicles, battle modes and other gameplay features.

GoHa.Ru: Tell us about the new types that are going to appear in the game.

At first, we’re going to release two of the simplest types. The first is attack/defense, where one side protects it’s base and the other has to either capture it or destroy all of the defenders. The attacking side isn’t burdened by the necessity to protect the base and can go in full offense, on the other hand, the defending side as a positional advantage. It’s a fairly straightforward game type, we’re just leaving one base at is it and taking away the other one, so we’re likely to put it in the game soon, during the next two months, supposedly before 2012. In the second type there is also a single base, but it’s located in the center of the map, meaning the first one to capture it is golden.