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Close More New WOT Vehicles

A steel monster from the USA has become the new trend of interest for The portal has given general overview of the history of T95 and presented the opinions of players and World of Tanks game-designers on it.

T28 was designed as the opposition to the German heavy tanks, such as the Maus. It was also meant to be used for attacking the heavy defenses expected from German Siegfried Line, the article says.

Apparently, the vehicle is highly appreciated by player despite several possibly problematic issues.

“Tukdim [TD42] : I think there will be some weak points, they have also existed in those tanks historically. We should not forget, however, that this is a TD-SPG, not a tank, and if you are able to see driver’s triplex, it means that you have a big cannon pointing directly to your face. Lets us put it like this, newbies do not exploit even “obvious” weak points, often using HE shells instead, and veterans will always found a way to crack this tough nut.
Solon1 [RED] : Penetration points will definitely exist, the question is how big they will be. The crew needs to see where to drive and where to shoot – that is why tanks have triplexes. But their size should be minimal, so the hope is there.
On the other hand, a completely invincible front shall at least slightly increase survival chances of the T95, since it has a lot of other very critical weaknesses.”

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