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Introducing the World of Tanks Gift Shop

UPD. Due to concerns raised by the community the purchase of packages that include the A-32, PzKpfw V-IV and M6A2E1 tanks have been removed from the Gift Shop for the moment. A final decision will be made in the near future as to whether they will be sold in the Gift Shop. Gift Packages that do not involve the Pre-Order Tanks are still available for purchase.

We are excited to announce that the World of Tanks Gift Shop is now available to players. Thanks to this service, it is now possible to gift gold and select premium tanks to players of your choosing. We offer various special gift packages, which include premium tanks and in some offers, considerable amounts of gold.

Each gift tank also comes with an extra garage slot, free of charge.

The most important feature of our Gift Shop is that you can provide your friend, a clanmate or any other brother-in-arms with a unique present.

The gift-giving procedure is simple and does not require following complex steps or rules. You will select a gift package, indicate a gift recipient’s in-game nick name, write a congratulatory message and pay for the gift. The gift recipient will get an email notification (email attached to the World of Tanks account) that he or she has received an in-game surprise, will log in to our portal, and go to their My Gifts section on the Account Management page to check the gift. From there they will have a choice of clicking either “Accept” or “Decline”.

Please keep in mind the following rules of gifts handling:

  • In order to receive a gift, a recipient has to log in to the World of Tanks portal and load the My Gifts page in Account Management.
  • If the recipient opts for “Decline,” the gift will be transferred to the giver’s account.
  • If the recipient does not respond within 30 days, the gift will be declined automatically.
  • If the recipient already has a gift package tank, they will be compensated with the equivalent gold value for any premium tanks that are part of the gift.

Check out our Gift Shop guide to learn more about the gift giving procedure. Or, pay a visit to the Gift Shop to brighten your friend's day!