German Walls of Steel

High-tier German heavy tank lines changed in a big way recently in Update 9.17.1. Three new heavy tanks were added to the bunch, and others moved around the tech tree. For German week, all tier VI-VII German vehicles are on discount, but today we’ll focus more on those heavy tanks. 

Top of the Heavy Tank Line (Tiers VIII-X)

If you’re interested in getting to a tier X German heavy tank, there are quite a few of them compared to other nations. Since 9.17.1, you have a choice of three tier X heavy tanks: the new Pz. VII, Maus and E 100. Each of them has their strengths, so it’s up to you where you want to go.

To the New Pz. VII

To the Maus

To the E 100 

This line features tanks a little smaller and flatter than the other two lines, but they don’t necessarily sacrifice armor or gun capabilities. If properly in a reverse angle position, this line is flat-out mean with its “bouncy” turret on tiers IX and X. Their powerful weapons are capable of holding their own in many situations. This line’s made up of steel walls with treads. They’ve got more armor and hit points than the other German heavy tanks at their respective tiers, making them not that mobile. They take a ton of damage to actually destroy, and that’s only once the enemy can figure out how to get through their armor.  This is another heavily armored line, but it doesn’t pay for it as much in traverse or top speed. Somewhat nimble at least compared to the Maus line, but still has substantial hit points. The difference is in their guns. When fully researched, they carry the most fearsome weapons of the German heavy tank lines. Even with a slow reload, their DPM still soars above others of the same tier.

Climbing at Tier VII

Tiger (P)

Get to both the Pz. VII and Maus through the tier VII Tiger (P) (currently on sale!). From there, tier VIII branches off towards the Pz. VII and Maus. 

The Tiger (P) is often played as a sniper to take advantage of its good accuracy and penetration. But its great frontal armor and high hit points also allow it to be on the front lines, if needed. Keep in mind that its armor is super thick, but not in terms of slopes. So, be sure to angle your hull effectively to ensure experienced enemies can’t find a way through. 

Tiger I vs. Panther

You actually have two different ways to get to the E 100. Either continuing up the heavy tank line, or switching from the medium tank line with the Panther.

Tiger I


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the heavy tank Tiger I has stronger hull armor than the medium tank Panther, but it’s also armed with a powerful weapon. When its top gun is researched and mounted, it puts out far more penetration and damage per shot, and even with a slower reload, it surpasses the Panther’s DPM, as well. As a medium tank, the Panther is more mobile, but still has decent frontal turret armor. It basically does everything a little quicker (fast aim time, reload, etc.), if not quite as powerful. Try a hull-down position instead of leading the charge.