Georgia Community Meetup - March 19


The Chieftain continues his tour of the south with another community and fan gathering in Savannah, GA! (If you missed the news earlier this week, two gatherings are happening in Texas, as well.)

Wenesday, March 19, 19:00 EDT is when the fun begins in Savannah, but as of this writing, the venue has yet to be determined. Please join the Chieftain's thread in our Forum to suggest suitable places, and otherwise RSVP and keep track of any updates leading up to the evening. 

Come one come all, and let's talk games!

March is Women's Appreciation Month. All month long, we recognize the achievements of exceptional women throughout history. We are hosting a charity drive with Grace After Fire, a great women's veterans organization. Not only will we be supporting this charity by having all donations go directly to it, but we'll also match your donations dollar-for-dollar!

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