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Geforce World of Tanks Veterans Day Million Gold Charity Division [Updated]

Update: the registration for this event has been extended to Friday the 11th. Get your team together and prepare for battle!

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — September 17, 2013 — NVIDIA today announced the addition of the new GeForce eSports World of Tanks (GTXWoT) 3v3 Tournament Amateur Division, complete with a 1 million in-game Gold prize pool paid out to the top 128 teams as well as cash and hardware donations to veterans charities.  

Registration is now open at for the new North American 3-tank team Amateur Division, complete with a 1 million in-game Gold prize pool. Registration closes Friday, October 11th and gameplay begins Monday, October 14th.  The Finals will be held on Veterans Day, November 18th, and will be streamed live on The teams will compete in a tier IV competition with 1,000,000 in Wargaming Gold paid out amongst the top 128 placing teams. There will be no limit to the number of teams allowed to register and the 3-tank teams are allowed 2 extra substitute players on the roster.

“We’re extremely excited to share details about the Amateur Division activities for the GeForce eSports World of Tanks Open,” says James Grunke, director of global eSports at NVIDIA. “NVIDIA and will match dollar-for-dollar up to $5,000 for every registrant who joins the competition resulting in a $10,000 donation to veterans charity organizations to be announced on opening game day.  We’re also giving out two GeForce GTX equipped gaming systems and lots of Wargaming Gold which will be put to good use at a veterans charity hospital. The players will have a blast, and it’s all for a good cause.”

The veterans charities will be announced on opening game day.  The GeForce GTX hardware system donations will come equipped with EVGA GeForce GTX GPUs and premium gaming accessories provided by Razer. 

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(1)     The GeForce eSports World of Tanks tournament is not affiliated with the Wargaming World of Tanks Championship Series and is a separate event.