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GDN: World of Warplanes Interview

"We sat down with Arthur Pratapopau from and picked his brain about the second in the World of warfare series. Just today they’ve also announced the third game World of Battleships, so we will work on getting an interview on that as well."

The interview by the famous gaming info-source Gamers Daily News is devoted to the new game project World of Warplanes by, the developer of World of Tanks.

The discussion included questions about the gameplay and main features of the approaching game, and surely,  warplanes to be used in the game draw great attention of a reader! We are sure that the interview will give answers to many questions, so start reading it now!

"[GDN] The economy is set to tie into World of Tanks, what’s the added benefit for gamers there?

If you’re good at “tanks”, but are just starting your ”career” in World of Warplanes you’ll be able to boost your progress by transferring XP from one game to another and move up the tech trees faster and vice versa."

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