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Gamescom 2015: Developer Q&A

With the gamescom expo in full swing, we’ve taken the chance to track down some of our developers and ask them your most common questions regarding World of Tanks! If you’re curious about what’s in store for the game or what they’ve been working on behind the scenes, read on!

Are you planning on introducing any new nations to the game, like Italy or Poland?

Yes. By version 9.12, we plan to introduce a new nation, Czechoslovakia, with a branch of medium tanks. Another nation is planned for 2016 – we’ll announce more details in the future.

Are there any plans to introduce PvE content into the game?

Yes, we’re currently testing various PvE mechanics and their possible applications for World of Tanks. However, it’s still too early to give any more substantial information than that.

Will you be adding more Premium tanks to the nations that don’t have very many, like France or Japan?

Japan is a very specific case, as it didn’t produce or design that many tanks. As a result, the vehicle pool we can draw from is extremely limited. As for other nations, more Premium tanks will definitely be added, but not as many as we added in 2015.

Are you planning to connect the in-game Clan chat with WoT Assistant app?

We may introduce a limited chat feature in the WoT Assistant sometime in the future, but the idea still requires more examination and research.

Is there going to be support for multi-core processors, SLI or CrossFire graphics? If so, then when?

Definitely. We’re currently working on DX11/ DX12 render support and effective multi-core processing. We can’t give any estimates yet in regard to when these improvements will be introduced, though.

Will there be any new skills or perks introduced for Crews?

It's a possibility. In fact, we’re looking at our options in regards to Crew skills and perks, including an overhaul of the system. However, we haven’t made any decisions yet.

Will there be more vehicle types introduced to the game?

No, there aren't any plans to introduce new vehicle types.

Now that World of Warships has a multi-turret system, is there any chance of introducing something similar for tanks with multiple guns? Also, will we be able to use smoke grenades in Tanks, similar to the smokescreens in Warships?

Introducing a system to control secondary armament in tanks isn’t currently planned. This is due to the fact that secondary armaments, which consist mostly of machine guns, would be ineffective in tank-on-tank combat. Of course, being able to control secondary turrets and guns may look cool, but would be meaningless for gameplay.

As for smoke grenades, we’re exploring the idea of bringing them to the game. However, there are a couple of hurdles to tackle before it’s technically possible to have working smokescreens in the game.

Will we ever see Japanese or Chinese tank destroyers and SPGs in the game?

It’s quite possible, but it won’t be happening any time in the near future.

When will the Havok engine be fully introduced to the game?

We’re still working on it. We want to make sure that the engine’s performance and optimization is top notch upon release. For now, we’re not able to estimate when it’ll be introduced.