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Wargaming and Gamers Outreach Deliver!

In December of 2014, the Gamers Outreach Foundation (GOF) and Wargaming partnered to bring gaming to children at the Children’s Hospital of Oakland, CA. Through the Holiday Charity Livestream, generous Tankers helped raise over $6,000 towards building a medical grade console cabinet (a GO Kart), far exceeding our initial goal of $2,500. With these donations, GOF is able to build two GO Karts, each equipped with a current gen console, a monitor, controllers, and mounted on a mobile stand that is able to adjust to a patient’s bedside.

The first GO Kart was delivered to the Children’s Hospital of Oakland on Monday, April 20th, 2015. Wargaming will continue to work with GOF and the Children’s Hospital of Oakland to improve children’s experiences during their stay. On May 7th, Wargaming will deliver fifty blankets and further outfit the GO Karts with headsets, extension cables, and more video games.

The second GO Kart is scheduled to be delivered to the Boston Children’s Hospital in early June.

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