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A Pro's Stance on the FV201 (A45)

Hit up the Premium Shop and get thel FV201 (A45) while you still can! If you're still on the fence, check out what WGLNA player Unknown0ne from RivaL has to say.

The Good

  • ~2,100 damage per minute, good for a heavy tank
  • 1,500 max HP
  • Decent gun handling
  • 380m view range
  • 10-degree gun depression 

The Bad

  • Low AP penetration (171mm)
  • Low top speed (31 km/h)
  • Armor is ineffective against most tier VIII and IX tanks

The Ugly

  • Ammo rack is hit often

Reasons to Buy

  • Solid at the front lines
  • Training British heavy tank Crews

Reasons Not to Buy

  • You're not a fan of facing tier IX tanks (try the AT 15A)
  • You’re looking for something with more speed (try the SU-122-44)

Play Style

In tier VII battles, the FV201 (A45) is a great front line breakthrough tank, with exceptional HP, decent armor, and DPM that lets it deal far more damage than it takes. However, if there's an uncomfortable number of tier VIII and IX opponents, you'll find better results supporting your team around the front lines, not through them.


In thos front line combat situations, you’ll want to quickly locate and eliminate enemies while minimizing the impact of critical damage from return fire. 


A Wet Ammo Rack is great, since the ammo rack often takes damage from frontal hits, or use Coated Optics to boost an already good view range.


You may want a second Repair Kit (Small and Large) to help avoid being permanently immobilized or, if you’re inclined to more risk, get Pudding and Tea to further increase the damage per minute.

Crew Skills & Perks
“Safe Stowage” is crucial to protecting the ammo rack from damage. “Repairs” will minimize downtime due to critical damage; “Smooth Ride” and “Snap Shot” will optimize damage output; “Recon” and “Situational Awareness” will help locate enemy tanks more quickly; and, as always, “Sixth Sense” and “Brothers in Arms” are nice to have.