Find Your Perfect Match With Our Frontline Quiz


Frontline 2022: Episode 1 starts Monday, May 23!

With epic 30 vs 30 fights, attack and defense gameplay, special abilities, and massive maps, Frontline is full of reversals and surprises. To make the most of this challenging mode, you better come prepared.

To make preparation easy, we created a new quiz! Take this personality test that tells you what vehicle suits you best for Frontline 2022. Take the quiz right now, and we'll give you a two-day rental of your resulting Premium vehicle so you can try it yourself.


Play one battle in your rental vehicle, and get two coupons:

  1. A 15% discount on all permanent vehicles in the Premium Shop
  2. A FREE "Dazzle" 2D style with any purchase over $25

To find the coupons, log into the Premium Shop and click on "My coupons."

NOTE: Coupons are valid for seven (7) days after the first battle in your rental vehicle.

A closer look at the "Dazzle" 2D style: