Frontline 2020: Stage 4 is Here!

Brace yourselves for the ultimate showdown in Frontline, Commanders!

Stage 4 of Frontline 2020 is about to begin. We hope you’ve enjoyed your time playing in the most epic mode in World of Tanks while winning many glorious battles. Don’t miss out on this last opportunity to jump back in and earn tons of sweet prizes!

Frontline 2020: Stage 4 
Monday, May 25 at
04:00 PT | 06:00 CT | 07:00 ET
Monday, June 1 at
01:00 PT | 03:00 CT | 04:00 ET
Daily at
01:00–04:00 PT | 03:00–06:00 CT | 04:00–07:00 ET

Add Unique Predators to Your Arsenal!

By the end of this Stage, the most engaged and skilled Frontline players will probably have enough tokens for their first exclusive Tier IX vehicle. Take this chance and push yourself to the limit to earn the missing Tokens if you don't have enough!

The reward tanks of Expedition, a shared progression system featuring Frontline and Steel Hunter, are worth the effort and can easily become game changers if you play them right. Here's a recap of these high-performance vehicles:

AE Phase I Object 777 Variant II Char Futur 4
Introduced in Frontline 2019: Episode 8, the AE Phase I is a brawling U.S. heavy tank with four segmented tracks. It has a built-in Large Repair Kit; a solid, bouncy turret; and an accurate gun with good vertical gun angles and impressive penetration values. The Object 777 Variant II is a brand-new Soviet heavy tank with a low silhouette and good firepower. It boasts high damage per shot, as well as good mobility and decent frontal armor. Its built-in Large Repair Kit is a handy bonus. The Char Futur 4 is a brand-new French medium tank with a four-round autoloader, excellent mobility, and built-in Large Repair Kit. Its gameplay is similar to that of the Bat.-Châtillon 25 t and Bat.-Châtillon 25 t AP. Its small hull and turret are difficult-to-hit weak spots.

Frontline Ends, Expedition Continues!

Although Frontline is coming to an end, your Expedition for exclusive vehicles continues. The revamped Steel Hunter mode will be waiting for you in August this year, and it also consists of four (4) Stages. During each Stage, you can earn up to three (3) Tokens and grab the reward vehicles you like.

Don’t forget after Expedition 2020 is complete, you still have time to exchange Tokens for reward tanks if you haven’t grabbed them yet. Once this period is over, all your remaining tokens will be automatically compensated at the rate of 1 Token: 250 Bonds. You can get compensation for all your remaining Tokens, regardless of whether or not you have enough to purchase a reward tank.

If you spent Gold on rental vehicles, it was accumulated in a special fund. You can still use it as a discount when purchasing premium vehicles in the in-game shop. If you haven’t done that yet, now is the best time to enlarge your collection at a discounted rate! If you don't use your fund before June 8 at 02:00 PT | 04:00 CT | 05:00 ET, it will disappear.

Frontline 2020 Regulations

See you all next Frontline Season, Commanders! Enjoy this final Stage and continue your Expedition for incredible vehicles!