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Follow the Bird. UPDATE

World of Tanks launches its Twitter quiz Follow the Bird on July 2nd. Starting from 9:00 AM UTC and till 18:00 UTC, those who long for a good brainstorm can try their hand in answering questions about tanks.

Every 30 minutes a question will appear on WoT Official Channel in Twitter: as soon as you find out the correct answer e-mail it to First five players who submit correct answers will be awarded 250 gold.

As participants can give answer to each question, one can be lucky to get 5,000 Gold in total for answering all questions!

After the quiz is over 27 luckies who answered all the questions correctly but were not fast enough will be chosen randomly and will also receive 250 gold.

Follow the Bird on July 2nd from 9:00 UTC to 18:00 UTC and test yourself!

UPD. WOT development team thanks everyone for their participation. The results will be announced shortly.