On Sale: Hunnicutt's "Firepower"

The late Richard Pearce Hunnicutt is famous for his series of books on the development of the United States' armored vehicles. Probably his most famous is Firepower: A History of the Heavy American Tank, a single-run book from 1988. Such is the quality of this book that nearly 30 years later, it's still considered the last word on the subject and commands very high prices in the secondhand market.

What's in it? Well, everything you didn't even know you wanted to know about America's heavy tanks to ask about in the first place. Here's just a peek of the sort of thing that's on the pages:



Wargaming is pleased to announce the release of an all-new World of Tanks reprint of Firepower, in conjunction with Echo Point Books & Media. The new edition is complete with foreword by our own Chieftain, who also provided improved images scanned from the National Archives.

If owning 200 pages of this gold-standard tank tome in hardcover isn't enough for $55, we're throwing in a WoT PC bonus code and invite code for a friend. This offer ends next week, so act fast!

Bonus code is for existing accounts and includes seven days of Premium, 100,000, the T14 tank, and 10x Cases of Cola. Invite code is for new accounts and includes 25050,000, seven days of Premium and the M22 Locust tank. Both valid only in NA, EU and SEA regions.

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Preorder Firepower now on Echo Point's website.