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The Final Countdown: Treads for Threads


Over 13,000 players have made their way to the Treads for Threads T-Shirt Design poll to vote for their favorite Treads for Threads t-shirt design, but that's only a fraction of the number of shirts we'll be giving away. Don't be surprised to spot fellow tankers out in the wild sporting this hard-won shirt in the days to come.

Today is the last day to qualify for your limited edition World of Tanks t-shirt. We hope you're ready because at 23:59 PST tonight, January 10th, you'll need to have a tier X vehicle resting in your garage; additionally, you'll need to have played five games on any vehicle since December 20th.

Be sure to visit the official Treads for Threads FAQ if you have any other questions about meeting the eligibility requirements, or are curious about how you'll be able to collect your t-shirt.

Good luck!

Visit the Treads for Threads Campaign Page