February Events Preview


February may lack a couple of days compared to other months of the year, but that just means we're fitting huge amounts of exciting events in a smaller space! Below you'll find a complete list of all the scheduled goings-on this month. If lists aren't your thing, or maybe you're just in a visual sort of mood today, you can find much of the same information out the events calendar.

Tank of the Month

Every month we'll pick one tank to zero-in on, give a bit of a history lesson, a few playing tips, and a hefty boost to the credit income for the whole  month! This month's bonus goes to:

VII WZ-131 WZ-131

Weekend Events

We know that the weekend tends to be the time when our players can really dedicate themselves to wanton destruction on our battlefields. With that in mind, we prepare a set of various discounts and bonuses every week to help our tankers make the most of their gaming time.

  • Super Brawl Weekend - Feb 1 - 4
  • Shoot and Scoot Weekend - Feb 8 - 11
  • Lisyanka Weekend - Feb 15 - 18
  • Himmelsdorf 500 Weekend - Feb 22 - 25

Tech Tree Focus

There are six nations represented in World of Tanks®, with many branches, and consequently, many vehicles to buy. We know that your hard-won credits only go so far, so we put together a discount highlighting a different nation and branch just about every week.

  • USSR - Feb 11 - 15
  • China - Feb 18 - 22
  • UK - Feb 25 - Mar 1


Those coveted medals and awards are enticing all on their own, but we like to sweeten the pot each week with a new bonus attached to earning a particularly presitigious achievement.

  • Top Gun - Feb 4 - 8
  • Defender - Feb 11 - 15
  • Confederate - Feb 18 - 22
  • Patrol Duty - Feb 25 - Mar 1

Other Happenings

Along with all of weekly and montly events, we're fond of hosting festivities to celebrate numerous holidays -- both traditional and few of our own design!

  • Heavy Destruction Week - Feb 4 - 8
  • Who Shot the Sheriff - Feb 7 - 10
  • Valentine's Day Special - Feb 14 - 15

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