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Players' Guide to the FCM 50t

General News
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The FCM 50t is a French tier VIII Premium heavy tank. While it's not a brawler like the IS series or WZ-111, the FCM stands out as a fast flanking heavy tank with the mobility of a medium tank.

Basics | Play Style | Loadout

FCM 50t: The Basics

  • Most mobile Premium tier VIII heavy tank
  • It earns vast sums of Credits and is one of the top five most profitable Premium tanks
  • Fast and mobile play style, akin to a medium tank 
  • Great Crew trainer for high-tier French autoloaders
  • Has preferential matchmaking, and will not see above tier IX unless platooned with a non-preferential tank


Play Style

The FCM 50t has excellent gun handling -- its 90mm cannon has good penetration with both its AP and APCR shells, and has low gun dispersion and a quick rate of fire. This tank can accurately deliver over 2,300 damage per minute when fully equipped and can adapt quickly over terrain with eight degrees of gun depression and 17 degrees of elevation.

While the FCM's gun handling helpful, mobility is its true advantage. At 51kph it's very fast for a heavy tank and can be one of the first vehicles to lock down map choke points and key flanking positions, or run rings around slower heavy and medium tanks. With Vertical Stabilizers and a well-trained Crew, it's one of the best tanks for firing on the move, but it's even better at range. It has a great base view range of 400m, which can be increased to 460m with equipment and the right Perks! This will give you a 100m spotting advantage facing other enemy heavy tanks. 

Use this spotting distance with terrain features and your speed to outflank enemies and avoid head-to-head fights. If you are spotted, you make a tempting target and artillery will love you…to bits.

Don't forget to check the minimap frequently to figure out where you'll be the most effective!

The FCM 50t is excellent for tactically ramming lighter and smaller tanks, as it has a great top speed and weighs in at 50 tons -- just don’t ram bigger heavy tanks!

It's also a first-class Crew trainer for the whole French heavy tank tech tree, especially when using Crews from in the tier VIII AMX 50 100 and/or the tier IX AMX 50 120. The ‘spare’ Loader position can be filled from the underrated tier VI ARL 44 or the rather over-gunned BDR G1 B ‘football’ which mounts a tier VII 90mm gun on a Tier V tank!

While beginners may struggle to play the FCM 50t to its strengths, this tank is ideal for the burgeoning player or experienced medium tankers searching for a new source of fun and Credits. 

The FCM 50t is unlike any other upper-tier heavy -- if it's not in your Garage and sounds appealing, give it a try and see if you want to pick it up!

Loadout: What Equipment, Consumables, and Crew Skills Should You Use?

These are only suggestions! Feel free to experiment choose what works best for you.

Large Repair and First Aid Kits actually reduce the chance of damage or Crew injury. While you can use Strong Coffee instead of the Fire Extinguisher to improve your overall performance in battle, this presents a large fire risk. Keep in mind that consumables need to be replenished after each battle if used, while food or gas items are used automatically.


In line with configuring the FCM 50t as medium tank, Coated Optics to expand your view range are a viable alternative to Improved Ventilation.

Crew Skills and Perks
Radio Operator  

For your first Crew Skill select "Repairs" across the board. When it reaches 100%, reset completed Skills to the specific Skill/Perks of "Sixth Sense," "Snap Shot," "Smooth Ride," "Situational Awareness" and "Safe Stowage." Retrain "Repairs" as the second Skill. When you achieve the second Skill then reset again with "Brothers in Arms" for all Crew members, the above Skills/Perks as the second Skill and retrain "Repairs" as your third Skill. 



FCM 50t Video Guide