Father's Day Special

World of Tanks is a macho game for manly men! Some of these manly men have even sired offspring, making them, technically, fathers. In celebration of Father's Day this Sunday, we are recognizing the hard work and dedication necessary to being a good father by offering a special bonus to every player who has a father (yes, even the ladies!).

Beginning with June 17th server restart and all the way through June 21th, the first victory of each day, for each vehicle, will be worth 5x normal experience instead of the usual double normal experience.

On top of that, since you've probably spent all of your savings buying something really nice for your father for this holiday, we're also slashing prices on all equipment by 50% for the duration.

Enjoy your holiday weekend, and don't forget to platoon with your father!"

Note! Please be informed that there will be no confirmation message for 5x normal experience gained.

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