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Fansite Showcase: WoTManager


We would like to introduce a new, semi-regular feature on the World of Tanks site that showcases the most helpful and useful community-created tools. The kind of tools that make it into the showcase are the ones created to help improve your personal gameplay, make running a Clan easier, track your statistics, or anything else that players from the World of Tanks community create to improve the gameplay experience for their fellow players.

Tool Details

Name: WotManager
Creators: Chandog [OTTER] & TimRoden[WTM]

WoTManager is a website that was created in order to make Clan leadership easier for all those who manage their Clans. With the recently released version 2.0 of the website, it has become an even better resource. The website works using data from the World of Tanks API, so you don't even have to do anything extra to get started!

Feature List:
  • Clan administrator control panels
  • MyClan homepage for all Clan members
  • Daily attendance code tracking
  • Automatic Gold payout calculations
  • Uses Wargaming.Net OpenID Authentication
  • Player and Clan Activity Statistics
  • Player and Clan Tank/Performance Statistics
  • Battle Codes and Training Codes
See a full list of features here
WoTManager In Action

WoTManager Main Menu

Statistics of your Players

Full-featured Attendance System

Automatically Generated Payouts

Meet the Creators

Who are the creators of WoTManager?

Chandog - I am Chandog, a former Company Commander for PBKAC, the prestigious subclam of FOXEY. I do about 80% front end/UI design and all of the customer support, administration, public relations and marketing for WoTManager.

TimRoden - I am TimRoden, former deputy commander of Scoundrel. I do about 90% of the back end design, server management, implementation of new features, and server upkeep.

How long have you been playing World of Tanks?

Chandog - Since about July of 2011

TimRoden - 2011 as well.

Why did you create WotManager?

TimRoden - WoTManager was created in September of 2013 to provide a large number of clans with a stable and easy to use attendance system. The idea behind WoTManager, however, came about in April of 2013, originally for the Burning Legion family of clans.

Chandog - We both saw the need for this type of community tool and decided to do something about it.

Do you have future development plans for WotManager?

Chandog - We have very ambitious plans for the growth of WoTManager. We are currently in Open Beta for the NA, EU and SEA servers and are looking to open to RU soon. We are constantly addressing bug fixes and working to optimize the site. I update our forum thread with our development status weekly and we are very enthusiastic about the numerous community ideas that come in all the time. I also work closely with a couple clan leaders for special content ideas and design.

TimRoden - Like Chandog mentioned, I am very excited about the features that we have planned for WoTManager. I believe that the community will be able to get behind these features and use them to their full capabilities.

What inspired you to make this tool?

TimRoden - Like most clans, for a long time, _UF_ used google docs for attendance. After a while, seeing how tedious this was, I decided to embark on a mission to create an attendance system that would perform quicker and better than before. Once Chandog came on board, this ended up turning into what WoTManager is today.

What has the community's response been for the tool?

Chandog - At our initial debut, there were quite a few large issues that the community brought up about security and stability. They were all, however quickly addressed. Since then, we have an outstanding relation with the community.

TimRoden - From my point of view, without the community sharing their ideas, we would not have a website and by this point, would have disappeared. The community has definitely been our biggest asset during this endeavour, and we could not have done it without them.

Any closing comments?

Chandog - Big thanks and shoutout to Phalnyx over at for all his unbelievable work for this community. A personal thanks to Wandorf[BADGR], Allurai[OTTER], GrannyW[OTTER], BeepBeep123[OTTER], Yankee[-G-], Nemesis79[-G-], DamienJax[RDDT], Adience[PBKAC], Peacecraft04[OTTER], Tytoo[TYR] and of the clans that participated in the Closed Beta.

TimRoden - We just rolled out WoTManager 2.0. Tons of new features, bug fixes and much more!

Registered Clans
Players Served
Attendance Check-ins

Please note that these tools are created by a third party and not supported by Wargaming. WoTManager offers support for their site here.