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Fan Art Spotlight #56


Welcome to the 56th World of Tanks® Fan Art Spotlight! Our community is the best, there's just no two ways about it. Every week we ask the community to send in their fan art, and our players always respond with amazing drawings, renders, and other creative projects. Here are a few from this week's submissions, enjoy!

Heroes of WWII: M4 Commander by DerreckJ

Jagdpanzer VII JagerGepard by punishersal

Churchill Entering Village by theGMEER

German Female Crew by Fael91

KV-1S, King of the Hill by Sparkplug87


Do you have art inspired by World of Tanks®? Submit your work to for a chance to have them shared with all World of Tanks® players here on the community portal. When submitting, be sure to include your game name and the title of the artwork. Also, keep in mind that your submissions must follow the World of Tanks® Game Rules.