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Fan Art Spotlight #16

fan art

Welcome to the sixteenth World of Tanks Fan Art Spotlight! We asked the community to send in their fan art and got an overwhelming response. Let’s jump right in and take a look at some of what the community submitted.



 "Battle At Sand River" bshank117
It depictics a jumbo Sherman at Sand River and a dead Panzer burning on the hill.




 "Carnage in Erlenberg" by BattleFieldHero




"Waiting for the Countdown" by Qyygle




"PzKpfw II camp on the hill" by slaaneesh 





Do you have art inspired by World of Tanks? Just submit your work to for a chance to have them shared with all World of Tanks players here on the community portal. Be sure to include your game name and the title of the artwork. Also, keep in mind that your submissions must follow the World of Tanks Game Rules.