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Fan Art Spotlight #83


Get ready to feast your eyes on some of the incredible Fan Art we’ve received this past month! 

Every week we show off some of our favorite fan submissions. Think you have what it takes to join the ranks? Then send us your fan art! This week we’re showcasing the work of gholomi, opml, mutman02, Kuragan and Empire3! 

"Our Dear WoT" by gholomi


"Rollin’ Alone" by opml


"M4A3 Sherman" by mutman02


"Passive Scouting in My Office" by Kuragan 

"StuG Mark III" by Empire3

Do you have art inspired by World of Tanks? Submit your work to for a chance to have them shared with all World of Tanks players here on the portal. When submitting, be sure to include your game name and the title of the artwork. Also, keep in mind that your submissions must follow the World of Tanks Game Rules.