Ranked Battles: Extended Hours + FAQs

Extended Hours | Frequently Asked Questions

The first stage of the Ranked Battles Beta Test has concluded! The Test started June 5, and we appreciate everyone’s constructive feedback. To accommodate demand, we’ve extended the daily hours:

Extended Hours!

Ranked Battles only take place during Prime Time:
Weekdays (Monday-Friday): 17:00-22:00 PT (20:00-01:00 ET)
Weekends (Saturday and Sunday): 16:00-22:00 PT (19:00-01:00 ET)


We’re also working to make Ranked Battles a better play experience. We’ve reviewed your feedback and answered the most frequently asked questions:

Stage 1 ended and I was “removed” from the Season Leaders. Is this right?

Yes, the system works in the following way: each new stage, a player should earn more Rank Points to enter the Season Leaders:

  • Stage 1: 2 points (COMPLETE)
  • Stage 2: 4 points
  • Stage 3: 8 points
  • Stage 4 (end of season): 12 points

If you haven’t earned the required number of Ranked Points by the start of a new stage, you are temporary removed from the leaderboard. However, all earned Ranked Points are totaled by the end of the season.

How can I return to the Season Leaders?

To enter the Season Leaders at Stage 1, you should earn at least two Rank Points. Instead of two Ranked Points needed to reach the leaderboard in Stage 1, now competitors need to earn four Ranked Points in order to be on the leaderboard for Stage 2.

Where can I track my progress?

Check and compare progress of other players any time right in the game client. Remember: the more Rank Points you earn, the higher your position.

Do Rank Points reset after each stage?

Rank Points are collected in all stages and summarized for Season Leaders. This means players can have two Rank Points for Stage 1 and four Rank Points in Stage 2 for a total six Rank Points.

Will I receive Rank Points in Stage 2?

The player will receive one Rank Point for each first achievement of the rank during each stage.

I got only 500 bonds after the first stage; what about other rewards?

The player receives rewards in bonds for the maximum rank they achieved during the stage. This means the player with Rank 1 will receive 100 bonus and player with Rank 4 receive 400 bonds. Final payouts for leaderboard ranks is paid out at the end of season.

Is it possible to stay on the leaderboard?

Yes, players will need to earn enough points in the previous stage in order to hit the minimum Ranked Points required for the next stage. Players can earn up to 16 points in Stage 1 but they only need to earn at least two points for Stage 1, four points at Stage 2, and eight points at Stage 3. But don't forget about Leagues!

What are the Leagues?

Season Leaders are divided into four groups:

  • League I: first 10% of players.
  • League II: next 15% of players.
  • League III: next 25% of players.
  • Players in none of the Leagues.

If you want to stay among the Season Leaders and take top leaderboard positions, it makes sense to earn as many Rank Points as possible during each stage. Eventually, the final goal of Ranked Battles is to get into the top half of the Season Leaders and keep a position there to the end of the season.

I’ve been in League 1 in Season Leaders, but I haven’t received the badge or 5750 bonds. When do I receive them?

The player receives Season rewards (for League 1, 2, and 3) only after the end of the season.

I was in League 1 during the first stage, but now I'm in League 3. Is something broken?

Leagues are based on the percentage of the total number of players who participated in Season Leaders. A number of Rank Points to participate in Season Leaders increased for Stage 2, so some players were excluded and Leagues boarders moved as well.

What's next?

Next comes Stage 3. Your rank progress will be reset again: to join the Season Leaders you will need to earn at least 8 Rank Points this time. When Stage 4 begins, everything starts anew, but this time you will have to earn at least 12 points.

The remaining stages are as follows:

Stage 1: June 5, 06:00 PT (09:00 ET) to June 12, 06:00 PT (09:00 ET) (Complete)
Stage 2: June 12, 06:00 PT (09:00 ET) to June 19, 06:00 PT (09:00 ET)
Stage 3: June 19, 06:00 PT (09:00 ET) to June 26, 06:00 PT (09:00 ET)
Stage 4: June 26, 06:00 PT (09:00 ET) to July 3, 06:00 PT (09:00 ET)

Keep playing and keep the comments coming!


For more information, please see the Beta Season announcement, Regulations, and Comprehensive Guide.

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