Extended Clan Wars Downtime. UPDATE

Extended Clan Wars Downtime

UPD. The Clan Wars and Global Map maintenance works have been prolonged. Their return time will be announced later.

Maintenance will be performed on the Clan Wars server and Global Map between December 14 and December 26, 2011. We have extended the downtime to provide a break from Clan Wars during the holiday season.

Based on feedback, we have also decided that the previously announced “tank locking” feature will not be introduced on the North American World of Tanks server. We are not comfortable with the impact such a feature will have on the competitive nature of Clan Wars on the North American server and will continue monitoring the state of the Global Map.

In addition, the start of battles on the Global Map will be modified. Battles will now start for the day one hour earlier than previously. For example, if “Prime Time” was 6:00PM prior to this change, the new “Prime Time” for the province will be 5:00PM.

We appreciate your patience during this downtime and hope to see you on the battlefields in World of Tanks!