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We Welcome Her Majesty's FV201 (A45)

By now, many of you know about Freedom to Play month, where your efforts in kicking the red team's tail and completing various Missions to earn Keys will net you a variety of rewards! With prizes ranging from Premium days to an assortment of Boosters and more, Freedom to Play is set to be an exciting month.

But for many of you savvy commanders, you've had your eye on the big prize at hand -- the British Premium FV201 (A45) heavy tank! This newcomer on the block is the latest Premium heavy tank to battle under the Union Jack, and has the potential to make for an excellent Credit-earner and Crew trainer under command of a seasoned tanker.

Initially designed as a replacement for the Black Prince, the FV201 shares components with the Centurion, which explains the similar look. But make no mistake, the FV201 is a heavy tank at tier VII and it comes equipped with familiar armament -- the lethal and legendary 17-pdr, which is found also on the TOG II*. Unlike the TOG, however, the FV201 is mobile and boasts an accurate and devastating rate of fire. Harness that strength in tandem with your superb gun depression to take key hull-down positions, where you can force your foes to rethink their assault.

Like many high-tier heavy tanks, recommended equipment includes a Gun Rammer, Vertical Stabilizer, and either Ventilation or an Enhanced Gun Laying Drive, depending on your preference and playstyle. Don't forget -- you can earn equipment for the FV201 by completeting the Freedom to Play Missions.

Regardless if you're renting the tank or adding it to your Garage permanently, the FV201 (A45) is an addition that you don't want to miss!

British FV201 (A45) Premium Heavy Tank  

Vehicle stats (Click to enlarge)
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