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Steel Hunt: New Domination Variant

Domination has proven itself to be a fun new event mode for World of Tanks, and we're about to add some interesting new wrinkles! For Update 9.9, plans are underway to unveil a new variant of Domination mode, currently known as "Steel Hunt." And this time, teaming up with friends in Platoons can make a key difference.


Platoons (teams of three players minimum) play against solo players.

The goal of the Platoons is to capture flags and bring them to a base to earn Victory Points -- same as the rules to victory in the previous Domination mode. Solo players, on the other hand, can only destroy them to prevent capture by the Platoons. Simply driving over a flag as a solo player will destroy it and gain Victory Points.

Beyond this, the same key points of Domination mode remain: Respawning back into battle with a different vehicle if you're destroyed, repair zones, and other fine details. Shells and consumables can also be purchased and used in battle, and accumulated XP can be converted to Free XP. Show your dominance and earn Victory Points that will determine the result of the battle!


Depending on the player types heading into battle, matches in this mode can fall under the following three types:

  • Mixed: Accepts both Platoons and solo players; four (4) Platoon teams against four solo players. (This type is prioritized)
  • Solo: 12 solo players compete for dominance
  • Platoon: Platoon players only; can range from 5-8 teams of three players each


  • Premium rounds can give you an edge, but their usage is costly
  • Equipment and consumables can boost your advantage over those without
  • Know your enemy! Aiming for modules can help more than simply trying to knock out a tank any way you can


As before in Domination, players can only use a small number of dedicated, special-version vehicles for use in the mode. These Steel Hunt variant vehicles will be available in your Garage, and are as follows:

  • Bat.-Châtillon 25 t
  • IS-7
  • Leopard 1
  • T57 Heavy
  • Object 268


Matches play out on the Ghost Town and Icebound maps.

Sample Icebound map
(Platoon spawn zones in green)
Sample Ghost Town map
(Platoon spawn zones in green)

Combat Consumables

Players can use new combat consumables in this mode: Airstrikes and Artillery Strikes. These may sound familiar to Strongholds players, and indeed function in the same way -- they can rain fire down on the enemy at the press of a button!

However, each player has a special progress bar that must be filled before using these consumables. This bar is filled by performing regular battle maneuvers like dealing damage, destroying a vehicle, and grabbing/delivering/destroying flags.


  • Repair points are highly contested, because the fewer times you have to respawn, the fewer repair costs you have to pay at the end!

Other Details

  • The required number of Victory Points to win differs for each team. Platoon members share one Victory Point cap, so the points earned are added to the team's point pool. Solo players get a multiplier that adjusts point gain depending on damage or vehicle destruction.
  • Respawns are different depending on your side. Platoons spawn in a few designated respawn points, while solo players respawn in zones determined to be the furthest from the enemy team.