Domination Event

A brand-new event is heading to World of Tanks, called Domination. This event will not only introduce new techniques and features to the game. These changes are only happening in the Domination event, but they’re different enough that we wanted to let you know about the distinctive features of this new event. Read on!


The event will have two stages, each stage with its own basic rules and battle team formats:



Number of Flags

Maps and Team Format




June 2-16


1 Flag per Map

  • Ghost Town (10vs10)
  • Sand River (15vs15)
  • Icebound (15vs15)
  • Mines (10vs10)




June 16-30


4 Flags per Map

  • Ghost Town (10vs10)
  • Icebound (15vs15)
  • Himmelsdorf (10vs10)
  • Karelia (15vs15)

What's New?

  • Capture the Flag – capturing flags and destroying enemy vehicles will give you the victory points you need to win
  • Respawning – no more exiting out to the Garage as soon as your tank goes up in flames
  • Repair Zones – areas where you’ll be able to repair your tank and restock ammunition


Each Domination battle will be fought between two teams of 10 or 15 players, depending on the map. The primary goal of this event mode is to rack up victory points, with the first team to reach 150 victory points winning the battle.

Your team will receive 5, 35 or 50 victory points for every flag captured, depending on the map, and 1 victory point for every enemy vehicle destroyed.

Domination battles will occur on these maps: 

  • Lost City
  • Icebound
  • Karelia
  • Sand River
  • Mines

Capture the Flag

Pick up a flag with your vehicle and take it to one of your team's special zones, to capture it. Successfully capturing flags will net your team five victory points and return the flag to its original location, marked with a flag icon, ready to be captured again.

Vehicles carrying flags will be marked on the mini map with a green dotted circle, making them easier to track and destroy. If a flag-carrying vehicle is destroyed, the flag it was carrying doesn't immediately return to its original location, allowing it to be picked up by another vehicle.

To mix things up, there’ll be two formats of capture the flag running throughout the event. The first format will have only a flag in the middle of the map, forcing both teams to fight over that single flag to win. The second format will have each team tasked with protecting their own flag, while simultaneously trying to capture the enemy team’s flag.


Unlike regular battles in World of Tanks, a destroyed vehicle doesn't mean you're out of the fight. Instead of just exiting back to the Garage, you'll be able to select a new tank and return to battle.

There’s no limit to how many respawns you have during a match. A respawned tank will have full ammunition and consumables, spec'd as you've specified in the Garage. The only limitation is that a tank isn't selectable for 30 seconds after its destruction, so you won't be able to just hop back into the same vehicle.

Repair Zones

Four zones on the map will serve as repair areas and once activated, they’ll fix damage to your vehicle and replenish your ammunition. By driving your vehicle into these zones, which will be marked on the mini map with a repair icon and shown in-game as a yellow circle, you’ll be able to patch yourself up and head back into combat.

One Last Thing...

Only three vehicles will be available for use during the Domination event; the Object 140, the Т110Е5 and the AMX 50B. Tactical and technical characteristics will be the same for these as in the regular game, although Premium shells won't be available. If you don’t have any of those vehicles in your Garage—don’t worry! They’ll be credited for free for the duration of the event. Be sure to prepare all three vehicles with ammunition and consumables before rolling out, because all three will need to be prepped before playing this mode!

Sample Domination in the new 9.8 Public Test!

Just select one of the three designated vehicles and head into battle!