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Domination: Supply Swarm

A preliminary version of a new take on Domination, Supply Swarm, will become available July 2. It follows the established Domination framework: battles will take place on four maps between two teams. Each team will have from 10 to 15 players depending on the map, and battles happen for 15 minutes. The primary objective is to score the most Victory Points. The number of points required depends on the number of players: 250 Victory Points for a 10x10 format and 400 Victory Points for 15x15 map battles.

Battles will take place on Lost City (10x10), Icebound (15x15), Himmelsdorf (10x10), and Cliff (15x15), and will use Artillery Strike and Airstrike Combat Reserves.

As with the Steel Hunt variant, Combat Reserves will slowly become available after dealing damage and destroying enemies. To use Combat Reserves, press the designated number key and choose the target point.

Key Features

Resource Points

Battles in this new format involve controlling resource points on a map. Resource points are neutral, meaning that either team can capture them. As with capturing bases in other game modes, simply drive into them and stay there (and survive) for the necessary amount of time. Capture also stops if multiple vehicles from opposing teams are in the resource point at the same time. Additionally, progress pauses for several seconds, but won't deplete. A captured resource point "reloads" itself and becomes available again after 100 seconds.

Getting Victory Points

Victory Points are awarded for destroying enemies, dealing damage and capturing resource points.

Battle Format:10v1015v15
Victory Points per destroyed enemy 3 3
Victory Points per 1,000 damage 1 1
Victory Points per resource point 15 25
Victory Points per winning capture before time expires 250 400


The following vehicles will be available for use:  Bat.-Châtillon25 t (D), IS-7 (D), Leopard 1 (D), T57 Heavy Tank (D), and the Object 268 (D). ("D" for "Domination," of course.) These tanks' stats are identical to their non-Domination counterparts.

Again, as with Domination in general, the vehicles will be added to players’ Garages for free at the start of the game event. To enter battle, players will have to prepare all the vehicles and click Battle! Players are free to install Equipment and Consumables, as well as assign Crew members.

After being destroyed, a player can choose the next tank to enter battle with. Note! For Supply Swarm, the number of respawns is limited (one per vehicle)!