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In Development Page Updated With Two New Tanks


The In Development section of our website has just been updated with information about two new tanks that will be coming in the 8.5 update: the Soviet T-60 light tank, and the Leopard I medium tank. You can learn about these new tanks below, and be sure to stay tuned to our In Development page for the latest news about what's next for World of Tanks.

Soviet T-60 Light Tank

The Soviet T-60 light tank will have moderately sloped armor, a low silhouette, and a small turret. The automatic guns will be the main weaponry of the tank. For those who don’t like shooting in bursts, you'll have the option to install a longer barreled gun as well. Fans of light tanks should definitely keep this one on their radar.

History of the T-60

The T-60 was one of the more versatile tanks for the Red Army in the early years of World War II, serving a variety of roles and participating in many noteworthy battles such Stalingrad, Moscow, and Kharkov. After 1942, the tank took on a more supportive role since its light armor and low firepower couldn't go toe-to-toe with advanced enemy medium and heavy tanks that were being built, earning itself the nickname BM-2 ("common grave for two"). It continued to see service in the later-half of the war as infantry escort, reconnaissance, and training vehicles. Nearly 6,300 T-60s were built during the war.

Leopard I Medium Tank

The Leopard I will have a turret with high accuracy, fast aiming time, high penetration, good elevation and declination angles, and low gun dispersion while on the move. These are all distinguishing features of this particular tank. Although the armor is rather thin, those previously mentioned dynamics will help to offset its weaknesses as it stands alongside other medium tanks of the German line.

History of the Leopard I

The Leopard I entered service in 1965 and was designed to be a modern tank. The design has been modified since it first rolled off the line and has since become a very popular tank for European armies. The design was so popular that many NATO members ordered these tanks to enter their army, such as Netherlands, Italy, Australia, and Canada and it has since participated in notable conflicts like the Bosnian War and the War in Afghanistan. It wasn't until about 10 years ago that the tank was finally phased out of service in some countries, while some variants of the original design are still in service today.