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Developer Q&A: Upcoming Features And More

As one of our efforts to bring you the information you want to see, we’ve gone direct to World of Tanks’ Lead Designer. Whether it’s details on features coming soon, or things further down the line that have you excited, we’re here to get that information for you.

If you don’t see a question that touches on one of your concerns this time around, fret not – this is just the beginning. But enough rambling – let’s get on with the questions and answers!

Will we be able to record game video in the free camera mode so that we can see the enemy tanks moving like in Starcraft 2?

“We are going to add the possibility to record and play those recorded battles in the game client, but not a free camera mode.”

You said that you’ll add restrictions for the modules that can be used in the historical battle mode. Shall the player choose the modules before the battle personally, or will they be selected automatically?

“The player will arrange the battle configuration personally.”

Any plans for Sturmtiger or JagdSturmtiger?

“The Sturmtiger vehicle will be added to the game, but the JagdSturmtiger has never existed and so it will not be added.”

Will you implement the option of ignoring teammates who spam in battle?

“You can already do it by pressing Ctrl and then moving the mouse over their name on the team list. Right-click their name to open a drop-down menu that provides the ignore option.”

Will you match the tank company battles by tier or other criteria?

“There will be four divisions of tank company battles: up to tier 10 (included), up to tier 8 (included), up to tier 6 (included), and up to tier 4 (included). We will also add special limitations for some types of light tanks and SPGs. Each level of division will have a limitation on the number of  points (the total number of tank tiers in a company).”

Clan logos: will we have logos on tanks in the battle?

“Yes, the clan logos (as well as others) will be displayed on tanks in battle. The logos will be purchased for gold and placed over the nation marks (stars, crosses, etc.).”

Could you tell us more about the fog of war on Global map?

“At the beginning of a battle, players won’t see the actual enemy tanks. The type of tank used by the enemy team will only be displaced when that tank is detected.”

I’d like to hear more about the freezing of tanks that are destroyed on the Global map.

“The system works as follows: Any tank, heavily damaged or destroyed on Global map, cannot partake in the battles of Ultimate Conquest. The freezing time depends on the amount of hits drawn at damaging. But the tank can still partake in other battle modes (random battles, championship matches, and company battles).”

The French tanks are due to release with v.7.1 update. Will you introduce the whole tank tree or add it in parts, like you did with Americans?

“We will introduce the French tank tree in parts: light, medium and heavy tanks will go first, and then we will add SPGs and TDs.”

Can you name at least three things that we will see on Global map with v.7.0 update?

“The three features to be implemented on Global map:

  • If a province isn’t connected to the clan HQ (through other its provinces), then it does not bring profit to the clan.
  • If a clan has already got at least one province on the map, then it cannot apply for landing.
  • If there are multiple attacks scheduled for a single province, its owner gets a privilege: first, the attackers will fight against each other, and the winner of the battles will meet the owner of the province in the final match.”

We hope this sheds light on some of the questions you’ve had about upcoming features and content for World of Tanks. Stay tuned here on the community website, and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more details on future updates!