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New Q&A with Storm Covers Game Features and More

Whenever possible, we are happy to share information about the plans for the development of World of Tanks. Producer Michael Zhivets, also known as Storm, held a Q&A with a few community members from the CIS region, and we'd like to pass on the conversation to our NA players!

Why do you use the BigWorld engine?

We held internal tests of different engines that showed insufficient results on weak PCs. This is why we are reworking BigWorld (gradual adding of multi-core support and DX11/12 support starting from 10.0 and in further versions) in order to create a fully functional HD client.

Why wasn't Havok implemented?

Havok has been tested on Stalingrad (if it would work there, it would work everywhere), but we found big loads on the RAM and processor. Buildings were reduced to 3-4 pieces in order to lessen the load. It didn’t work, as more pieces are needed.

What's going to happen with artillery?

We're not planning a "nerf." What we are planning is a full rebalancing of this vehicle class. We want to carefully implement and test each point of the plan. There is a possibility to limit the number of artillery to 2-3 (with new achievements), or keep it the way it is.

When will the Czech tree be released?

The Czech tree will be released before the New Year.

What about female voices?

We are planning to introduce female voices as soon as possible.

What about further customization?

Customization elements are planned, as soon as possible.

What will happen with old Personal Missions after their current season?

We are indeed planning a new season of Personal Missions. The old one is going to remain available, so you will be able to finish the current missions.

Any news about Japanese and Chinese TDs?

Asian TDs and artillery will need some more time. They are not in our plans for 2016; we are still gathering information about these vehicles, but there is no special interest or special priority on them.

What's going to happen with the European branch?

A general "European" branch won’t be implemented. There is an issue with crews for European vehicles. We are considering implementing branches with specific European nations like Sweden and Italy. Vehicles of other nations can be added as Premium vehicles to existing trees, or they can be added as incomplete branches with Premium or action vehicles (like it was in the case with the Chinese branch when we introduced the Type 59) without standard tanks.

Some bushes in the game are as big as the Maus or Japanese tanks; what’s up with that?

Maus-sized bushes are a gameplay feature, which is important in terms of game balance. The idea was proposed by one of our old contributors (so old that he is not working on our project anymore!) in the early development phases. There should be bushes that can cover every vehicle in the game. 

What will happen with perks?

We plan a complete reworking of perks that is possibly going to be similar to what we see in World of Warships. We will probably add skills that affect several Crew members.

When will a circular view range be implemented?

Circular view range is already implemented in 10.0.

When are you going to release the new physics?

We have to finish several small improvements for the new physics (3.0) – They are going to be released in one of the next updates, as soon they have been brought up to an appropriate quality level.

The physics test has a cool feature -- shooting while rocking the tank (using a temporary change to the gun depression upon sudden braking)

We are going to reduce or turn off this effect, as our core audience might dislike it. Experienced players also complained about it a lot because they had issues with aiming.

Any news about the replacement of the British top heavy tank?

The Super Conqueror was approved by our historical consultants, and now we are considering what to do. Basically, the SC is the same as FB215b with a turret in the middle of the hull. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to keep the FB215b in the game. We also plan to add a Chieftain with a Т95 turret and a Т95 with the turret from a Chieftain.

What about tier XI or XII vehicles?

There is a possibility that vehicles of higher tiers will be introduced into the game.

There is a lot of talk about HD maps, but we don't see these maps in the game yet. Why?

We are going to add HD maps starting next year. First of all, we have to be all set up in terms of technologies, settings, and the launch of our “assembly line” that reworks vehicles into HD.

Flora in the client will be replaced by a new one – some elements are 4-5 years old. We'll use the latest version of SpeedTree (the old one will be completely replaced).

There were talks that one of new city maps is going to be 'Minsk.' Where is this map?

The Minsk map was removed from our plans.

How about bots?

We keep fighting with them and have new effective methods for this.

How do you plan to counteract forbidden client mods?

The best way to deal with them is to create a situation where their use doesn’t make sense. For example, in the case of the Tundra mod, there is an idea to display only those parts of a vehicle’s outline which is not covered by a terrain element, etc.

Any plans regarding Historical Battles and Confrontation?

We are still planning both, but our priorities are currently focused on other tasks.

What are the plans regarding the 3-caliber rule?

For some elements of heavy tank armor, this rule is going to be removed (for example, for side skirt with reversed gradient and for some thin roofs).

Will you implement partial damage when hitting turrets?

We considered it, but there is no final decision yet. If we decide to implement this, we have to rework all models and create new inner hitboxes. There might be also some dissatisfaction among players. Imagine you shoot a vehicle from 500m distance and achieve reduced damage (since the enemy vehicle is almost invisible).

Further plans regarding game balance?

Our plan regarding balance is to introduce new physics, solve issues on current maps and then to deal with the rest. Basic things like physics and maps heavily affect game play.

How are the Japanese heavy tanks performing?

Japanese heavies are really popular compared to other Asian tanks.

We’ve seen lots of new Premium tanks, but they have not been released. What will happen with them? 

The future of new Premium tanks (Pz. III K, Sherman Improved and others) is not fully decided yet. They’ve been made for future specials, Personal Missions, etc. In 2016 fewer of them will be made. 

Will it be possible to paint German tanks in DunkelGelb? 

The yellow color (DunkelGelb) for German vehicles is quite possible in the future as a separate element of customization, as well as other basic colors for other nations.

Why was the FCM PaK withdrawn?

It was withdrawn as it is over-powered.

Any changes for tier X tank destroyers?

Foch 155 and Ob.268 remain unchanged. For Foch, there are several options (e.g. to give Foch 120 mm with auto-load and 155 mm without), it will be discussed, the vehicle is over-nerfed. 

Can we expect the FV 101 and other British light tanks in 2016? And other additions to old nations, particularly France's second heavy tank tree?

The FV101 Scorpion is not planned for next year, nor any new trees in existing nations (except possibly the French HT tree). Not many vehicles are planned for the next five years (that's our real vision currently), that’s why they will seldom appear.

Will the Hungarian tanks only be Premium tanks, or a mini tree in the German tech tree?

The Hungarians (and the Swiss; for example the new Panzer 58) will be Premium tanks in the German tree.

Regarding the replacement of the T18, etc. What's the plan and what will happen with the Priest and the Sexton?

Replacements will be in version 10.0.

What is the plan regarding the VK 45.02B?

The changes have been temporarily postponed, as well as considering replacements.

Why are World of Tanks maps smaller than the ones in Armored Warfare?

Above all else, this is determined by the vehicles' speeds (30/40-100 km/h in AW; 12/50-60 km/h in WoT).

More Snippets!

  • Physics will first be added for some small things (customization elements, destruction of small objects);
  • An Israeli tank tree is possible in theory (similar to China, with lots of clones)
  • Tanking damage is considered to be the damage that reached the armor and didn’t penetrate it, shooting the suspension parallel to the hull and HESH are not considered
  • Equipment is planned to be remade, as well as Crew skills
  • Multi-guns and multi-turrets won't be anytime soon