Design Winner: Treads for Threads


The turn-out for the Treads for Threads Campaign has been staggering. It's truly amazing that so many  went on over to the t-shirt design poll to vote for their favorite. The winner, and design you'll all be wearing, connotes a distinguished and seasoned tanker; one who has seen the beginning and the end. One who knows that greatness springs meek beginnings. We think you get the picture, Evolved has won!

An e-mail will be coming your way in the near future to verify that you've qualified for your limited edition Treads for Threads t-shirt. This email will not include your redemption code--that comes later.

We're currently reviewing all of the data collected during the Campaign period. We'll get the e-mail and any additional information out to you as soon as possible.

If you missed the event, but are curiuos what the commotion is about, you can find all of the details at the Treads for Threads Campaign Page.

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