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December Events and Specials Preview

April Events


Here is a mostly complete list of all of the Events and Specials planned for the month of December.:

Creative Contest:

December's Creative Contest will begin on the 4th and will run through the 16th.  Stay tuned for the details on this contest; as you can probably guess, it'll be holiday themed.

Weekend Contests:

For the month of December we've got one MVP event and at least one Who shot the Sheriff event planned.

Caption Contest:

We'll kick off our Caption Contest once again (we had to put it on pause for a bit).  Most of the submissions tend to be one-liners, but don't be discouraged from giving us a bit more of a narrative!

Here is a rundown of the December Specials:

Tech Tree Focus:

  • USSR - Dec 3rd - 7th
  • Germany - Dec 10th - 14th
  • UK - Dec 17th - 21st
  • USA - Dec 24th - 28th


  • Zhukov's March
  • The Souain Legacy
  • Battle of the Bulge
  • Winter Celebration
  • Holiday Surplus
  • New Years Bash

We hope you'll participate in some or all of the contests, and that you're able to take advantage of the December events. Be sure to check out the Events Calendar.

Roll out!

Please remember, all of these contests and specials can be changed by the NA Community team with or without notice (we will of course try and keep you posted!).