Update 1.22.1: Massive Crew Interface Rework


We are continuing our consistent work on improving the crew system in World of Tanks. To make the entire system simpler, clearer, and more user-friendly, we’ve significantly redesigned most of the in-game crew interfaces. When Update 1.22.1 goes live, all operations with crews will require fewer clicks and become more intuitive. We believe these interface and navigation changes will improve your experience, making your interaction with crews more comfortable than ever. Let’s dive into the details.



The starting point for interacting with tankers is the crew widget, along with the tanker Profiles that follow it, which we have massively reworked. Now the images of crew members are larger. You can also quickly switch between tankers in the crew widget itself.

The list of perks is displayed in a more visual and easy-to-read matrix. If you hover over a specific perk, you will see how it affects the vehicle’s characteristics when trained to 100%.

Interactive image. Use buttons to navigate through tabs.

Personal File
Personal Data
Service Record

For some of you, it wasn't always obvious how the major qualification level amplifies the effect of the perks your tankers possess. When hovering over them, you will now be able to see how each major qualification affects your perks and improves your vehicles.

The Sixth Sense perk will now be displayed for all vehicle commanders in their Profiles.

Crew Member and Vehicle Change Screen

Moving and assigning your crew members to vehicles is now easier and more convenient. We've added a separate screen where you can see all tankers of different qualifications eligible for a particular position, and quickly assign the required crew. You can also filter your list of candidates by various criteria. On top of that, you can also recruit new crew members on this screen.

Selecting a vehicle for crew retraining now also takes place in a separate screen, with its own handy filters.

Quick Training

Many of you have dozens or even hundreds of Crew Books in stock. In the current system, you need to apply each specific Crew Book separately, which isn’t very convenient.

When Update 1.22.1 lands, you'll be able to use any number of Crew Books (including different types) at once. You can also use Crew Books together with Free XP, freely combining them in different ratios.

We’re also introducing 2 new types of Universal Crew Books—Training Booklet and Training Guide. They provide all crew members with 20,000 and 100,000 XP, respectively.

Additionally, you can go to the quick training screen directly from the tanker’s Profile or from the crew widget.


We’ve expanded the list of available filters and added the new “search by name” function. Searching for your crew members in the Barracks is quicker and simpler now.

Other Improvements

We’ve also improved the vehicle comparison screen. Now you can see how all perks in the game affect the characteristics of a specific vehicle. Thanks to this feature, you can easily evaluate the combat effectiveness of one vehicle compared to another.

And the icing on the cake! To make the crew system as informative and helpful as possible, we’ve added pop-up tooltips and information screens in the Profile that highlight various crew aspects. They will be useful for both newcomers and veteran players who want to brush up on key mechanics.

Interactive image. Use the arrows and numbered buttons to navigate.

Vehicle Crew
The crew is an essential part of any vehicle. The crew composition depends on the specific vehicle. A crew might comprise from 1 to 6 crew members.
Each crew member has one or several qualifications: Commander, Gunner, Driver, Radio Operator, and Loader. The better the crew's training, the more efficient the vehicle.
Additional qualifications allow crew members to train special perks that will help them emerge victorious from any tricky situation.
Crew Qualifications
The Commander keeps track of the combat situation on the battlefield and commands the crew. Each Commander has a special feature—Sixth Sense. It allows the Commander to determine whether the vehicle has been spotted.
The Gunner is responsible for hit accuracy and aiming at vulnerable spots on enemy vehicles, while the Loader prepares shells and reloads the gun. The better their major qualifications, the higher your firepower.
The Driver handles the vehicle's mobility and aims to decrease gun dispersion on the move. The Radio Operator reports enemy positions, allowing your team to cooperate on the battlefield.
Additional Qualifications
If a vehicle has few crew members, some of them may have several qualifications, enabling them to train more perks. However, if they are injured, the total negative effect on technical characteristics will be much stronger.
Sometimes, one crew member is not enough for a certain qualification. Several crew members in a vehicle may have the same qualifications. In this case, the greater major qualification level is applied for calculations.
Major Qualification Level
The major qualification level is the main parameter of each crew member. The parameter value is displayed next to the crew member's portrait.
If the major qualification level of a crew member is below 100%, the corresponding vehicle characteristics will be decreased. If the major qualification of a crew member is above 100%, these characteristics will get an additional bonus, as will the perks trained by this crew member.
A fully trained Commander provides a 10% bonus to the major qualification levels of other crew members. You can use certain equipment, consumables, and perks to increase this bonus.
Crew Experience
Crew XP is used to increase the major qualification level, as well as for training and increasing perks. Fight battles to earn Combat and Crew XP.
If you fight a battle in an Elite vehicle with the Accelerate Crew Training option enabled, the crew earns more Crew XP. In this case, the Combat XP earned in this vehicle will be added to the least experienced crew member.
You can also convert Free XP into Crew XP (5 Crew XP for 1 Free XP), or study Crew Books to get more Crew XP.
Crew Perks
The more experienced a crew member, the more perks they can train. Each qualification has a set of corresponding perks. In addition, you can train group perks available to all crew members. The better a group perk is trained by all crew members, the higher its efficiency.
The first perk becomes available for training once a crew member achieves major qualification level 100%. The higher the perk training level, the better it works. Once a perk is trained to 100%, another perk becomes available for training. To train it to 100%, the crew member will need twice as much Crew XP as for training the previous perk.
Some special crew members may have a zero perk. This perk is already trained to 100% and cannot be changed. It does not require Crew XP for training, which allows the second perk to be trained twice as fast.
To operate a vehicle effectively, a crew member needs to be trained for the vehicle. However, you do not need to train crew members for Premium vehicles. You can transfer crew to a Premium vehicle of the same type without penalty.
If a crew member is sent to a vehicle they are not trained for, their major qualification level will be decreased in this vehicle. If this vehicle belongs to a different type, the penalty will be even higher.
To train a crew member for a certain vehicle, select a corresponding specialization and retraining option. The previous specialization will be replaced with a new one. Some retraining options might decrease the crew member's major qualification level.
Injured Crew Members
A crew member can be injured in a battle, which will significantly decrease the corresponding technical characteristics.
A crew can be stunned by SPG fire, which will temporarily decrease the combat performance of your vehicle.
Use First Aid Kits to treat injured crew members and remove the stun effect.
Additional Features
If a crew member is not selected for a certain vehicle, they are located in the Barracks. The Barracks contain all crew members, including recruits. Recruits are new crew members without perks. You can configure them upon recruitment.
Go to the Appearance section of a crew member's profile to change their name and appearance. There, you can also select unique crew skins for the crew member.
Your crew can use special items. Directives for crew provide your crew members with a certain perk for the duration of one battle. If a crew member already has a perk, the corresponding directive increases its effect. You can use Retraining Orders to reset a crew member's perks for free without losing Crew XP.

We are continuing our consistent work on improving the crew system to make it more versatile and comfortable, so stay tuned!

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