Crew 103: Skills and Perks

Congratulations! You've made it to Crew 103. Here, we'll cover the basics of training your Crews with a Skill or Perk.

Unlocking Skills and Perks

Once your Crew hits 100%, you’ll see a gold plus (+) appear next to their name, showing that you can train them in a Skill or Perk. Click it to be taken to the Skill/Perk selection screen. For each Crewmember you’ll have a choice of common skill or qualification-specific choices. Before you choose one, it’s important to know the difference between Skills and Perks.


Just like your Crew’s training, your Skill or Perk will have a value up to 100%. When selecting a new Skill or Perk, that value starts from 0% and increases the more your Crew is used in battle. The key difference between Skills and Perks is as simple as this:

Skills are active immediately and their effectiveness increases with their value.
Perks don’t become active until their value hits 100%.

When deciding what to teach your Crew, it’s important to consider if you’ll see the benefits of that choice immediately with a Skill or can stomach waiting for the effects of a Perk to kick in after running a few battles.

Exceptions to the Rule

Not everything is black-and-white. Here’s a couple of the big exceptions to be aware of:

Camouflage, Repairs, and Firefighting Skills

The effectiveness of these skills is determined by combining the total value of all Crewmembers' particular skill and dividing that by the total number of Crew. Just because one of your Crew has "Camouflage" at 100% doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll act like it's 100%.

For example, if you have four Crewmembers in a vehicle with 100%, 0%, 0% and 0% in the Skill, the effective value will only be 25% (0%+0%+0%+100% / 4 = 25%)

Brothers in Arms

"Brothers in Arms" is a great Perk, but it only works the vehicle’s entire Crew is trained in it. We’ll explain the best ways to learn this Perk in the next article, but for now, remember that every Crewmember must have "Brothers in Arms" for it to work.

Full List of Skills and Perks