Crew 102: Moving Crew

Welcome to Crew 102. This time, you'll learn how to move your Crew from one tank to another, and how to balance your spending while doing it.

Musical Chairs

Your Crew isn’t limited to operating in just one tank; they can be moved into new tanks as you progress. The catch is that once you move your Crew, they’ll need retraining or else their performance will be penalized.

To Move or Not to Move?

Lots of new players buy another Crew along with each purchase of a new vehicle. This isn’t bad, but moving Crew to new tanks and using Premium tanks to train them is the most effective way of unlocking and improving Skills and Perks. Best of all: you can move, buy and retrain Crew by spending Credits or choosing "the Free option." There’s also an option for spending Gold if you want to save time.

Retraining Your Crew

When retraining, you’ll be given three options. Think about how much time you’re willing to grind in battle or if you want to speed up the process by spending Credits or Gold. Here’s what you’ll be looking at:

  • Free: Retrains Crew to about 50%
  • Credits: Retrains Crew to about 75%
  • Gold: Retrains Crew to 100%

Free retraining won’t require Credits or Gold, but will require some serious time spent in battle getting the Crew back to 100%. If you’re up for spending Credits, your Crew’s training will only go up to around 75%, so you’ll still have to spend some extra time in battle. If you’ve got the Gold to spare, that’s the easiest and quickest way to go. Pick what works with how much you want to spend and how much time you want to spend playing with a reduced training level.

Where Do Unused Crew Go?

Unassigned Crewmembers are sent to the Barracks. Space in your Barracks is limited, so keep the amount of unassigned Crew low. Expanding your Barracks is possible with Gold, but that’s better spent elsewhere. Keeping Crew assigned to tanks means that they’re still earning XP and staying useful, so it’s in your best interest not to rely on the Barracks more than you absolutely have to.

We’ll teach you how to make the most of your Crew (and not fill up your Barracks) in Crew 103: Skills and Perks, coming next week.

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