Council of Armored Forces Forum



We wanted to formally introduce a new forum that we have been in the process of creating. This forum is called the Council of Armored Forces. We created this forum for Clan leaders to have a space to talk with the Community Managers, to give us feedback, and to bring up any issues with Clan Wars and/or with Clans in general – while also retaining as much transparency as possible.

Seeing this forum was a test, we decided to initially not have it viewable by the general public. But now we’re ready to open it up so you can all see what we are discussing, although, only those invited into the “Council of Armored Forces” may actually post. We did not announce it previously as, like Clan wars, it was more of a test to see if it would be useful at all to the Clan leaders that we initially invited into the Council.

We would like you to speak directly with your clan leader if you have any suggestions that you would like to add, or any issues about Clan Wars and Clan gameplay. This way, all the information that is passed to the Community Managers has already been discussed among you.

For the moment, your clan leader needs to be invited into the Council of Armored Forces. It is required that you have at least 30 members in your clan, or that you hold at least one province on the map. The process for inviting members into the Council is done manually, so please be patient while we develop a more streamlined process for this.

As you all know, Clan Wars is currently down, but we wanted to take this opportunity to share this with you, and to give you the time to speak with your Clan leaders about any issues that are currently going on with the Clan Wars map.

For now, if you would like to be added into the Council of Armored Forces, please take a moment to speak with your clan members, as only one person per clan (sub-clans do not count) may have access to the Council. If after speaking with your clan members they all agree to have you as the Council spokesperson, please contact Gaea, GeneralDirection or Tanitha to be manually added into the group.

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