Game Services Downtime Compensation

Tankers, we recently experienced a power outage in one of our data centers, causing game services to go offline.

Compensation is being provided for the downtime as the issue has been resolved and game services have been restored.

Below, you will find the types of compensation being provided. 

Attention! If you qualify for multiple forms of compensation, you will receive said compensation for each area you qualify for. Compensation but may take up to 24 hours to appear in your Garage.
Description: Compensation:
For All Players
  • 2 DaysWoT Premium Account (active upon login)
  • 6× Decal: "Mist"
  • Automatic Fire Extinguisher
  • Large First Aid Kit
  • Large Repair Kit
For Players Who Had Premium Time Active 
  • 1 DayWoT Premium Account (active upon login)
For Players Who Owned an On the Fast Track Bundle
  • XP for a Victory (only after a daily first Victory multiplier has been used) in any vehicle
For Players Who Had Active Rentals
  • Rentals Extended by One Day
For Referral Program Participants
  • 100 Referral Points
    • Please note: Referral points may take longer to appear in accounts than the other forms of compensation
For WoT Salute Members
  • Automatic Fire Extinguisher

  • Large First Aid Kit

  • Large Repair Kit

For Players Who Owned a WoT Salute Gold Drip Bundle
  • If Gold Drip 1 is owned, you will receive 100 Gold
  • If Gold Drip 2 is owned, you will receive 360 Gold
  • You will receive both compensations if you own both Gold Drip Bundles
For Players Who Owned The Boys Bundle with Special Missions
  • ×5 Mission Progress Tokens
For Players Participating in Tank University
  • 6×Light Tank Tokens Per Mission Day
  • 6×Medium Tank Tokens Per Mission Day
  • Heavy Tank Tokens Per Mission Day
  • Tank Destroyer Tokens Per Mission Day

We appreciate your patience during this time. Best of luck on the battlefield!