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Community Gathering, Chicago Area, 22OCT

Chicagoans, your chance to show your sociability!

A few of us will be up in your direction the weekend of the 22nd of October. While we’re there, we’re looking at having a bit of a public chinwag on the Saturday evening, say 2000 until either we all get bored and go home, or the publican throws us out.

So that’s the ‘when’. The next question is the ‘where’. To figure that out, we need to know the ‘how many.’ Assume the following:
1) The establishment will be likely in the Rosemont area.
2) It will likely serve alcohol. It’ll have been a long day for us, and we’d like a pint, so depending on local laws, younger players may not be facilitated.
3) Time/Date are as above. 2000 on the evening of Sat 22nd.

If you believe you will be attending, please post below. We’ll give it ‘till the weekend, tally up the numbers, then figure out a suitable location.