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Coming Soon: Version 7.1.1

Version 7.1.1


We have a game update coming very soon: version 7.1.1. The changes introduced in this version update will have a big impact on your game client performance! We are constantly improving and modifying the game to ensure the best gaming experience for all our players.

Here's what's coming when version 7.1.1 goes live:

File packaging
  • A new mechanism of file packaging ensuring optimized loading of the in-game maps and other art assets. Many players will see improved load times thanks to this new file packaging system.
Separate folder for user-made game modifications (mods)
  • With every new update, the game will be installed with a ‘clean’ client and with a separate folder for user-made game modifications (mods).
  • We're giving you better control of your mods by introducing this special folder, which will let you install mods without having to overwrite base game files!

Stay tuned, further information will be released next week!