Introducing: Collections


We are introducing a new game feature, called Collections. It will enhance the feeling of accomplishment you get from playing through Battle Pass Seasons, and help you immerse yourself further into their atmosphere and lore. Collections will also provide you with immediate bonus rewards and serve as mementos of your battle feats.

The first Collection will appear during Season X of Battle Pass, and Seasons XI and XII will feature their own Collections as well. You will be able to access the Collection from the Battle Pass screen.

The Collection screen will be added in Update 1.20.1, and all Collection Elements and any extra Tokens you have earned by that time will be credited.

The Battle Pass Season X Collection

The Season X Collection is based on the characters’ battle diaries, which feature notes, hand-drawn sketches, and photographs. These Collection Elements will help you learn more about the heroes’ backgrounds and their adventures in faraway lands.

Sandro Mancini crew member
Ngamia 2D style
Leopard decal
Dark Desert medal
Svadilfari progressive style for the UDES 15/16 (Level IV)
Zebra decal
Emil Kittel crew member
Roho 2D style
Wüstenschiff progressive style for the Maus (Level IV)
Nyx progressive style for the Rinoceronte (Level IV)
Rafiki 2D style
Rebecca Holmberg crew member
Antelope decal

Throughout Season X, obtaining certain Stage rewards (both Base and Improved) furthers your Collection progress. These rewards include:

  • 2D styles
  • Completed progressive styles
  • Decals
  • Crew members
  • A medal

As you advance through the Collection, you are awarded Elements, which are narrative rewards that give more depth to the story of Season X. These include:

  • The personal belongings of each hero
  • Detailed descriptions of each progressive style
  • Dossiers on the heroes
  • Secret correspondences and photos

The Season X Collection: Extra Rewards

There are 13 Elements in the Season X Collection. Reaching a certain number of Collection Elements will earn you additional rewards:

Ode to Armor decal

Thus, completing Season X with an Improved Pass will get you 3 additional Tokens, on top of the 21 Tokens from Progression rewards, allowing you to purchase the first of the two new Tier IX reward vehicles, IX BZ-58-2 .

Completing Season X will earn you 10 Collection Elements, and you can get another 3 Elements with the Improved Pass. If you don't manage to finish your Collection in the current Season, you can still do so in the following Seasons, but please note that extra Tokens are only credited for gathering Collection Elements during their respective Season.

We hope you enjoy the new Collections feature.

May every adventure of yours be worth remembering, Commanders!

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